Thursday, May 15, 2014

#FIRSTSTOTALSOCIAL | My first Instagram

I'm pretty excited to join in with Sarah and Helene for their first week of Total Social and we are supposed to share our first of something...

I'd share my first real boyfriend, but you see pictures of my husband all the time.

I'd share my first blog post, but that's probably just plain embarrassing.

I'd share my first baby, but oh wait, I don't have one yet.

Which leaves me to ... my first Instagram post:

Ok first of all, I don't even know what my username was 110 weeks ago. Second of all, helloooo blah picture. Let me just point out that 110 weeks ago I didn't use VSCO Cam, Afterlight, or any Instagram filters to increase the photo viewer's pleasure. On second thought, did these apps and features even exist 110 weeks ago? Let's see, that's like over 2 years ago - which tells me that this photo was probably taken circa April/May 2012. I didn't have a blog yet, I posted a photo maybe once every 2 weeks, and my average likes per photo for about the first 50+ photos was 0-1.

Now that I'm done bashing myself regarding photo skills and popularity, let's talk about why I chose to write about my first instagram photo. Looking back, it's only fitting that the first photo I ever posted on (what is now) my favorite form of social media was of the lake. I've written before about how this is my place:

It's no doubt that it's my favorite place to be and that post says it all. I probably post a photo from the lake at least once a week, on average, throughout the course of a year. And although I've definitely gotten the hang of Instagram filters and multiple awesome photography apps, pictures of this place don't really need either. Because it's already perfect.

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