Friday, May 9, 2014

Dear Life. Sincerely, Samantha.

Dear spring, thank you for warming up enough for the ice to go out. Seeing open water in the last few weeks has been such a beautiful thing. Dear readers, I'm so excited for Amanda's link-up to go live on Monday - come share your hopes & plans with her. Dear little brother, I cannot believe that you are done with college and will graduate in a week with your Master's. I hope you know I'm so proud of you. Thank goodness you didn't lose those two fingers from when I slammed them in the door that one time. Dear spam, stop leaving me countless comments from hemorrhoid and foreign websites. Dear husband, thank you for helping me clean our apartment last night for the first time in weeks. Dear Grey's Anatomy, I love you. I really do but I have thought it was the Season Finale for the last three weeks. I'm pretty sure next week it's official but I've been bracing myself every week for the ending that has yet to come. Dear Samantha, go to the gym this weekend. It's time to make yourself a priority and that is an order. Dear Minnesota Wild, please oh please oh please win tonight. That is all. Dear hockey, I really had no idea how much I would be married to you when I married my husband. But I don't hate it because gosh, his smile is cute when he's coaching. Dear Athleta, if I buy all your clothes will my body look like your models? Because if that was a purchase guarantee I would go broke shopping your website. Dear tv watchers, what are your favorite summer shows? I don't watch a ton of tv but need a few recommendations now that all my favorites are coming to the end of their seasons. Dear Cinco de Mayo, you have come and gone and I didn't indulge in outrageous amounts of chips & salsa or drink too many margaritas. What is wrong with me? Dear iPhone monkey emojis,! Dear Victoria's Secret, I swear I get a new credit card from you every week. Dear life, I kinda like you. Sincerely, Samantha.

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