Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Showers bring May "Hopes & Plans"

* I was going to title this post May Goals but I've seen my friend, Amanda, post her Hopes & Plans each week and I like the way it sounds :)
  • Make our 2014 wall calendar via Shutterfly
  • Finish a book - currently reading The Happiness Project
  • Exercise 30 minutes a day, on average
  • Tackle our spring cleaning
  • Get real photos in the 3 frames above our bed

I think they're pretty do-able, don't you? Yes, it's May and our wall calendar still shows December of 2013. Yes, the 3 frames above our bed have been up since I made our headboard last September. But, you win some you lose some and these are the things I will be focusing on this month. I should probably also add Put my birthday presents away to the list because it's my birthday in 3 days :)


And before I go let me introduce you to Linda! She lives in Canada and mostly blogs about fashion. Each day she'll share an outfit of the day and I personally think he accessories are the best part. Make sure you go check her out!

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