Friday, May 16, 2014

A Post Written While Still In My Bath Towel

Whew! It's only 7:02 am as I'm writing this and I've already worked out, showered, and even ate a good breakfast! Which means I've got about point 2 seconds to crank out this post so I have time to still get dressed and made up for work. Yes I am in my bath towel right now - don't try to tell me you've never done that before. 

1 || Currently, I work with 8 men and I'm the only girl. Today, another lady starts and I'm actually pretty excited to laugh about tv shows and girly things instead of all the weird crap men think is funny. Possibly more on this next week.

2 || Tuesday morning I found out Parker had dinner reservations at our favorite place for my birthday dinner. I didn't even see him on my birthday this year and then we were super busy the rest of that week so we just got around to having a special dinner. And I wore white shoes, even though it's not Memorial Day yet. Sue me.

3 || Grey's Anatomy season finale, anyone?! I have mixed feelings. First, I don't know how much I'm going to like this with Christina gone. Second, I hate it when there's turmoil in the Grey-Shepherd marriage - they're my favorite. Although I'm sure they'll work it out. Did Christina and Mer's dance-it-out scene make you teary-eyed or what? Holy smokes, you'd think they were real people the way I get attached to them.

4 || I started using my Polar watch during workouts this week and love it! I'm getting the hang of it and look forward to doing some research on how best to monitor your heart-rate during a workout for weight loss. Any tips are highly welcomed!

5 || My little brother graduates this weekend with his Master's in Architecture! I'm so excited and looking forward to being home for the weekend.

Friday, be nice to me. I'm ready for the weekend. Peace out!

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