Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why I Shouldn't Be A Blogger

I have read in many different places that one of the biggest blogging tips from the blogging gods, whoever that may be, is to find your niche. Find your niche, write about it, share it, and go with it! And you know what I think I've realized? I don't know if I really have a niche or a specific blogging genre.

I am not a fitness blogger and definitely don't motivate others to go exercise.

I don't know html or enjoy graphic design. Sure I can make things center-aligned or re-size a photo if I need to but let's not push it any further than that.

I'm not even funny so I certainly don't write one of those laugh-out-loud blogs.

I am not a foodie blogger. Yes, I have written recipe posts before but it's normally me photographing while my husband cooks.

I'm not a military wife. There's nothing more to even add to this one because props to those women. Thank God that isn't me.

I'm married so I guess I've got that whole newlywed thing going for me. But really, is 3 years + 6 months + 22 days still considered newlywed?

I am not a mommy blogger. Yes, I want kids but I currently do not have any of the human, nor fur kind, to write about.

I don't think I need to even address all the many reasons why I am nowhere near a fashion or beauty blogger. Throw on some jeans, slap on some mascara, and top it off with cute accessories and you've got my everyday go-to look.

I don't live somewhere cool like NYC or San Fran and share exciting adventures that make up my days.


And yet here I sit everyday (niche-less) to share a project I tried, post pictures from my weekend, or pour my heart out. So whether I'm meant to be a blogger or not, I don't think you're going to get rid of me any time soon.

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