Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Beauty of Wi-Fi Jetpacks

The fact that I can pass by a 5-hour car ride by editing photos, writing a blog post, and reading blogs is the best. This way, in 300 minutes I can accomplish so much more than just traveling 320+ miles. And that is the beauty of wi-fi jetpacks. Their invention is right up there with the invention of the wheel, iPhone, and microwave oven. The fact that my husband also has this weird, manly need to always be in the driver's seat is also the best.

Our Easter weekend was very low-key. Friday night Parker and I hung out with my parents and watched hockey, obviously, because there's a hockey game like every single night until June - thank you NHL Playoffs. Our weather was finally spring-like this weekend so my mom and I were able to go for a nice, long walk on Saturday before Champagne Hour Cocktail Hour on the deck.

Parker likes to ask if he should take a picture of me for my blog and then takes multiple selfies before actually doing so.

The Easter Bunny came to my parents early on Saturday. Don't be fooled - it looks like wine but it's actually Spiced-Pear Vinegar. We've been really into trying different oil+vinegar combinations as dressing for our salads. Note to anybody: wine in the Easter basket would also be perfectly acceptable in my book.

Sunday morning we took horrible-quality-coffee-time-selfies while sitting in bed because my mom kicked us downstairs so "the easter bunny" could hide the Easter eggs. We had brunch with my family and then stopped by to see Parker's family. 

I helped my mom stain a few deck sections in the 70-degree sunshine before we hit the road. The weather today was absolutely beautiful! It actually felt like there might be an end to this winter that's supposed to only be a season. And to top it off, there has been no snow visible on our drive home and we can even see some open water. Boom baby. Only 150 miles to go...

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