Friday, April 4, 2014

Sheldon Cooper + Polk Salad Annie

You know what I love about Fridays? They're so darn dependable. They come every week, at the exact same time, and you always know that they'll be there. If you really think about it, they're more dependable than that friend (ahem) that shows up in your life every month (if you're a woman) - you never know when or even if she's going to be knocking on your door... 

So yes, I love Fridays because of their dependability. That and the fact that they preface a full two days where I can do whatever I want with no committments. And the fact that they always include easy-to-write blog posts about my highlights from the week and an awesome jam:
And this is what you get when I tell Parker he can pick any song for my #backthatazzup post today:

Polk Salad Annie by Tony Joe White on Grooveshark

1 // I think my first highlight from the week needs to be the most obvious change around these parts: new blog design. Love it. That's all.

2 // Parker and I were talking about this movie, The Proposal. We own it so it's always our "go-to" when we feel like having a relaxing movie night watching something we've seen before. And it makes me laugh hysterically every.single.time.

3 // It snowed twice this week. Oh wait, that's not a highlight...

4 // Daaaate Niiiight. We love 'em. They make everything better.

5 // I caught my husband on Etsy 3 different times this week. And when I asked him about it he proceeded to tell me how many cool things are on there and how a lot of the shop owners are bloggers... you don't say... duh.

And on that note, have a happy weekend! Mine will consist of 8 hours in the car and doing my taxes - but we do get to see some friends and family so the goods outweigh the bads. 
Weekend, let's do this.

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