Monday, April 14, 2014

I ate, drank, and watched Parenthood

I read an e-card recently that read something along the lines of Why do Mondays follow so closely after Fridays but Fridays are sooo far away from Mondays? This is one of those days when I couldn't agree more. There have been times when the weekends go by slowly, and I love that; but most times they fly by! 

This weekend my brother, his fiancee, and her brother came out to visit and we had a blast. After work on Friday Parker and I set up the lawn chairs, grill, and a propane heater so we could be outside as much as possible throughout the weekend. It's getting nicer around here but it still gets pretty close to freezing at night. The boys went out turkey hunting for the day Saturday and us girls talked about their wedding coming up this August, went grocery shopping, and had wine had lunch. It was her birthday so anything goes. Saturday night we made amazing Bruschetta and a Corn + Black Bean Salsa, followed by a birthday steak dinner, and topped it off with Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip. It was good food and great company and an absolute blast. 

They left mid-morning on Sunday and there's really not much to share with you after 10:30am. That would be because I ate, watched like 10 episodes of Parenthood, and stayed in my sweatpants all day. I don't let myself do that very often so it was really nice. And I'm almost done with the first season of Parenthood (that I just started re-watching from the beginning again because it's the best show ever) so if you don't think that's productivity at its finest then I don't think we should be friends.

I'm just kidding. How was your weekend? And if you're reading and I've never stopped by your blog please leave me a link so I can come check it out :)

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