Friday, April 18, 2014

good friday

one of the biggest things i miss about teaching is the random days off around holidays - long christmas break, president's day, good friday and the following monday... i definitely got a little spoiled with that. and the summers off - that was pretty good, too. oh well, i'm over it. let's look at this week's highlights...

1 - it snowed (yuck) but then basically all melted right away. this has been such a crazy spring - it better be a great summer to make up for it.

2 - i've been dealing with the wintry weather by dressing for spring, whether we have the springtime weather or not. i'm loving the bright colors and i love having my flats out again (instead of the ugg boots).

3 - i've been feeling a decorating itch lately. i've spent a lot of time on pinterest, reading about other blogger's decorating plans, and wandering through the target home section. maybe it's the spring fever? 

4 - we went out to dinner with my dad last night and i ordered this beauty. if you've ever wondered if a pineapple cosmopolitan would be good, the answer is yes. yes yes yes.

5 - we're headed home at the end of the work day today to spend easter weekend with my parents, brother, alyssa, and grandma. this picture is from easter last year - look at all that snow!

how was your week? do you have plans for the easter weekend? if you have extra days off for the holiday i'm totally jealous :)

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