Friday, April 25, 2014

Fridays + others things that make me HAPPY

Well helloooo Friday! I have to admit, this week definitely dragged on a bit. But here we are, finally the start of the weekend - Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday...

1 || I sent a few snail-mail notes this week and I just loved this Papyrus card that I sent to my Grandma. Papyrus gets me every time. Yes, they're a little on the spendier side but I just make sure to send them to somebody who will appreciate their beauty and not toss them in the trash right away. I keep like every card I ever receive so there's that. But in these days of texting, e-mailing, and snapchats snail mail is so fun to get.

2 || I took a little break from blogging yesterday - a blogcation, if you will. Sometimes I'm just too mentally exhausted when I finally get a break to sit down at my computer and edit photos or even formulate complete sentences. I have to admit, there are small pangs of guilt on days like that but some days, a post is just not gonna happen. Does this ever happen to you?

3 || I kind of, sort of, really liked my outfit on Wednesday. It was just so summer-y and happy.

4 || Parker's gone for hockey this weekend. Sometimes I really don't mind having alone time, getting things done, and having a Netflix binge but I'm just not looking forward to it much this weekend. Also, I had to make dinner last night and forgot to set my alarm this morning - 2 things that I mucho depend on my hubby for.

5 || It was Admin Day this week and these are my perfectly imperfect flowers [I wrote a little about them on instagram last night]. They make me happy.

Have a great weekend! And cross your fingers for nice weather!

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