Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Goals [+ introducing THE SAMANTHA LIFE]

So, do you love it or what?! You could say I'm obsessed. 

If it's your first time around these parts then you have no idea what I'm talking about. If you've been here before, then you can probably tell that the final step of my re-branding is complete. (Other than my Facebook page, but they just have to make everything so difficult.) Way back on March 5th I introduced my new blog name and even talked about why the change. Since then social media changes took place, design decisions were made, and Erin installed my new design today. If you stopped by this morning it probably looked completely out of whack but finally, my place in the World Wide Web has become The Samantha Life. Moving on...

Can you believe it's April already?! I certainly can't, especially because in the last 2 days I've worn my uggs and my winter coat. Yesterday I said I was done with my winter coat and it wasn't coming out anymore because it's Spring for goodness sake. Today, I was so tired of freezing my tush off I gave in. My willpower went out the door and that coat came out of the closet. And it was so warm. Sooo warm. I just want Spring already. 

+ Be active 30 minutes a day (on average): I signed up for this challenge with some other bloggers so hopefully I can make this happen.

+ Read more.

+ Be outside as much as possible: I'm not willing to work on this one until the temps are above freezing.

+ Try to add some new, versatile spring pieces to my wardrobe.

+ Try out my tripod: I got it for Christmas and have been looking forward to using it outside.

+ Get a 2014 calendar: this is not a joke. Our calendar still shows December 2013.

+ Pick another pinterest-inspired project to do and actually do it.

As always, I probably am planning to do way more than is actually possible but we gotta have something challenging to work towards, right? Do you set goals for the month or have any similar goals?

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