Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Polka-Dot Spring Dress

Please excuse the inside pictures, but I wore this for date night last Wednesday and we had just had a few days of snowfall - snow! Yes, in April. But I think things are finally starting to look up around here. Yesterday was our most beautiful day of the Spring season yet - it was sunny, 60 degrees, and I didn't even wear my coat walking into Target! Pure bliss. And I think today is trying to rival yesterday even. Isn't it funny how the warmer temperature and the feel of the springtime sun actually makes your heart feel happy?

I got this dress for Christmas and had not worn it until last week. I paired it with leggings since the temperature was still cool (hence, the snow) but I can't wait to wear it without the leggings this Spring, or even Summer. The sleeves roll-up and button on the sides so it'll be a perfect 3/4-sleeve length for when the weather is warmer. Dresses (and skirts) are my favorite article of clothing for the warmer seasons! I just love how they're so comfortable, can be dressed up or dressed down, and give off such a feminine look. I think I need to invest in a maxi dress this season.

What's your favorite piece of clothing for Spring?

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