Friday, April 11, 2014

A Day of Mourning

This post is going to be quick 'n dirty today because our internet has been going in and out the past couple of hours. Isn't it just totally sad how dependent we are on an invisible technology connection that is used in so many aspects of our lives? I'm convinced the internet being down is because the world is in mourning around here due to the Sioux losing in the final 0.6 seconds last night. It was tied 1-1 and I had just convinced myself I would be able to stay awake for an overtime period when the Gophers scored with basically no time remaining. But let's move on; I'd rather not talk about it...

1 || We're still fans and it was still a good game but it would've been fun to see them in the Championship on Saturday night.

2 || I can be a real blogger now because I bought a full-size mirror. We'll get it hung on the wall somewhere in our place this weekend so hopefully next week I can take my first full-body picture for an #ootd post on instagram. (Dad, ootd means outfit of the day.)

3 || This week it actually started feeling like Spring around here! I busted out the flats, didn't wear a jacket, and even wore short-sleeve shirts to work. Oh, and I also put away any snowmen still around in our apartment and took out (the very few) Spring and Easter decorations that I have. Yup, I'm crazy I know.

4 || We have visitors coming this weekend! My brother, his fiancee, and her brother will be joining us so the boys can do some turkey hunting and the girls can do whatever girly things we find to keep us busy. It's always entertaining how we squeeze all 5 of us in our little one-bedroom apartment for 2 nights :)

5 || That's all I got. I can't even come up with a 5th one today. So I'll just leave you with this...

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