Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why we work

We work because he sends me snaps that make me giggle. 

We work because I will never get enough of his sexy, dark skin and that baby face.

We work because he tells me I'm beautiful when I'm in my pjs, wearing my glasses, and with my hair in a ponytail.

We work because I'd rather do laundry and he'd rather cook. It makes divvying up the chores pretty easy (and frankly, very uneventful).

We work because if I ask him enough times to scratch my back he will.

We work because I usually buy him one of every type of toiletry item when I go to Target, even though he told me he's all good and doesn't need anything. 99% of the time he realizes the next day he can't brush his teeth or prevent sweating, until I tell him I've got him covered.

We work because we're best friends. And have been since we were 15.

We work because he knows I'll say yes when he asks if I want to go to a high school hockey game on Friday night. And he knows I'm not going to see the game but that I'm going so I can spend time with him. I think he just likes showing me off at the arena.

We work because sometimes I can be a crazy-person and boy, does he set me straight and get me to chill out.

We work because when he randomly starts singing and dancing in our kitchen I know it's because he's happy, and it normally results in me laughing hysterically. 

We work because I totally hog the bed, big time. I also normally hog the covers. I also sometimes kick or stretch across the person sleeping next to me - and yet he still goes to bed with me.

We work because we're weird, but we're weird in the same way.

We work because we love each other, and we tell each other every day. He's what makes me laugh, act silly, and be lighthearted. We fight like crazy because we are both stubborn. Yet above all, I know I'm his number one priority and we will love each other and be best friends for the rest of our lives.

* I've been wanting to write this post ever since I saw everyone else linking up with Tay and Bon around Valentine's Day. If everyone else is doing it it must be fun, right?

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  1. adorable! I wanted to do it too and then figured it was too late… and you just proved it's never too late :) Maybe I will have to get around to mine too :)


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