Monday, March 24, 2014

Now it's time for Detox and Denial

Hey, remember me?! Supposedly I'm the one who blogs over here... And I haven't written a blog post in 10 days - 10 days! I missed it. I missed writing, keeping up with all of you, and reading blogs myself but I sure looooved vacation. No internet; no phones; no driving, working, writing, or even thinking. It was pure bliss.

Jamaica was hot. We could not have asked for better weather. It was sunny, in the 80s, fun, and so relaxing - Parker relates it to standing on the sun! If you want to go somewhere where you'll be guaranteed sunshine and the need to cool off in the water while drinking fruity drinks, Jamaica is for you.

I'm the type of person who thinks that a winter vacation should include a tropical location, bikinis, and a whole lotta doing nothing. I don't feel the need to sight-see, pay money for activities, or really do anything that requires me putting on clothes or getting up from my sun lounger. But we did do a few things and go to a few places that turned out to be awesome. So because a week-long vacation should obviously result in a photo-filled blog post, let's get started shall we? Even if you skip what I write, at least look at the pictures - it was beautiful! :)

On the drive from the Montego Bay airport to Negril the shuttle drove up the hills to give us this amazing view. We then proceeded to stop at a hole-in-the-wall bar for our first Jamaican drink. I was a little worried I'd only have our 10-minute stop to drink my entire Red Stripe beer but I'm so silly - we just bring any form of alcohol with us in the car, obviously. What was I thinking?

I get the beer and Parker gets the fruity Rum Punch - it's how we roll. And yes, that is my PRETTY LITTLE PARTY SHIRT.

Bloody Bay in Negril was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been on.

Parker felt as though he should take 20 pictures of his favorite place, the swim-up pool bar. 

One afternoon we took the catamaran that drove us along the Seven-Mile Beach, dropped us off in the ocean to snorkel, and stop at the cave where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean 2. This is now also the cave where a crab larger than my hand proceeded to come what seemed like 12 inches away from falling on my head.
I did my hair special for this picture - you like? #sarcasm #stupidwind

One of my favorite parts was getting ready for dinner each night and wearing fun, summer-y clothes like my latest obsession, my mint shorts.

One of Parker's favorite parts was waiting for me to get ready for dinner each night while he made use of the all-inclusive rum on tap in our hotel room.

We went to Rick's Cafe one night to see the famous cliffs where all kinds of people, natives and locals, cliff-jump. After hearing the slapping noise when people landed on the water wrong from the 40-foot jump, I chose not to partake. But it was really fun watching. And that previously that same day all 4 of us jumped 25-feet into a Blue Hole Mineral Spring; but I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures there. I promise it did happen and I will eventually get pictures from my brother to prove it.

The "pros" jump from the top. And by top I mean find the Rick's Cafe sign and look up and to the right - that is a man right there, nearly in the tree. He jumped/drove/acrobated 85-feet into the wavy water below. I think he's crazy. Also, Rick's Cafe is supposedly one of the best places to watch the sunset.

On our last day, we took a final walk all along the beach and had lunch at a hut on the beach called The Office of Nature. We picked our lobster from the cage in the ocean and waited while they cooked it. It was the most fresh and most delicious lobster I've ever had. We actually went there twice it was so good.

Fancy dinner for our last night there - Parker, me, Alyssa, and Ward.

It was pure paradise. The worst part about coming back was having to put on pants today and not having a fruity cocktail at 10:00 am. Man, real-life is rough.

If you have e-mailed me, tweeted me, written me a letter, or tried to contact me in any way in the past 10 days I will get back to you soon. Promise. As soon as I get through my stages of detox and denial. At least DWTS has started again.

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