Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My issues with coupons

My post needed a picture... And I was super excited when this finally came. Can't wait to wear this new conversation piece :)
I think I have major issues with coupons. First of all, I am officially the type of person that might possibly buy something just because I have a coupon. This means that it's not something that I needed or even wanted until I saw the coupon telling me that I could have it for 40% off. That's issue #1. Issue #2: sometimes I actually get coupons for things like deodorant, toilet paper, lipgloss - you know, things that are actually considered necessities. I save the coupon, put it in my coupon organizer and file it by store, then go to the store and buy everything I need without using any coupons. In fact, I normally don't even remember to bring the coupons to the store. Do you have a coupon method? Or maybe I just need help.

Anyway, I was going somewhere with this. This weekend, I actually used multiple coupons. Multiple! First of all, another young lady handed me a coupon for $10 off a bra when I was standing in Victoria's Secret because she wasn't going to use it. Score! Then, I saved $125 at Express using a coupon from an e-mail my mom had forwarded me. Thank goodness they can enter the coupon info straight from your smartphone so I don't have to remember to print the coupon, bring it with, or do anything else that requires any work on my part. I did manage to get 2 necklaces, 2 pair shorts, 2 tees, and 2 sundresses for only $170 at Express. I can't wait to wear my new buys when we go to Jamaica. Although I've decided I'm going to stick with the leggings for the flight there. I might be hot as soon as we land and I might be dying to wear my new mint green shorts but noone should be forced to see the intense shade of white that is happening on my legs right now. No shorts or sundresses until I get at least a few hours in the Caribbean sun. 

Oh hey, speaking of sundresses... today I'm introducing Jenny to you. Be sure to check out her blog - her design just got a "face lift" and is looking great!


Oh hey!
You may have noticed that I'm not Samantha. If you didn't notice, you are probably not very observant. Might want to get your eyes checked since that's my picture right there. 
My name is Jenny and you can normally find me over at Sprinkles & Sundresses. I am super excited to be visiting you here today because Sam is awesome and if you read her blog then you're probably awesome too. So let's all be awesome friends, okay? Okay great. 
It took me a while to come up with what I should talk to you about. Then I realized everybody loves GIFs so I'll just tell you a little about myself with a little help from my favorite TV shows. Brilliant, I know.
Being in college = living on a meal plan. Whenever anyone figures out how to eat healthy (or actually even lose weight) while eating in a dining hall, please let me know. 

This is only mostly accurate. I don't really write about love on my blog (mostly because there is nothing to tell). But staying in, eating, and blogging? Sounds like a typical night to me. 

Okay this pretty much goes with the last one but I'm indecisive so here you get both.

I am totally guilty of over-thinking things. And by things, I mean almost everything. But sometimes you have to prioritize and let certain things not matter as much. Like choosing netflix over homework to preserve your mental health since you've been working for hours. And when you get to that point, there's 30 Rock.

This one is purely because I love Gilmore Girls and I wanted to include them again. Also, you know you have felt like this at some point. Don't even lie.

So what do you think? Can we be friends? You've learned a bit about me and I'd love to know more about you! Make sure you come over and say hi!

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