Monday, March 10, 2014

Life Lately...

This was one of those weekends - one of those weekends when you feel so incredibly lucky to have this life, ya know? We've been so busy the last couple of months mostly because of Parker coaching his youth hockey team. I love him and I love hockey but that first weekend after the season ends that doesn't revolve around team potlucks, game time, and skate sharpening sure does feel good.

This weekend we were able to head to our hometown: see friends, shop, eat, drink, sleep, and not go to a hockey game. It felt good to say the least. He had his last hockey practice just over a week ago before their state tournament. He ended practice with a few games - members of the winning team each got half an orange to eat while they watched member of the losing team each eat half a lemon. Their scrunched-up, 12-year old faces were priceless.

We got into town Friday night and just grabbed a bite to eat before calling it a night. Saturday morning I met Addison for coffee - she's only 8 weeks old so she had to bring her momma with her too I guess :) Ok, I guess I met my friend for coffee and she brought her 8-week old daughter, Addison. I think I'm in love.

Saturday afternoon we shopped, followed by me treating myself to a pedicure. It wasn't quite the same without my mom sitting next to me, especially since some guy in a spa robe was sitting next to me also getting a pedicure. In case you were wondering, he did not pick a polish color to put on his toes and he was not being careful about keeping his legs together under his robe.

Saturday night I dropped Parker off at the Bacon & Beer festival with his buddies. He was giddy like a 7-year old boy meeting his friends on the playground. For the record, I wasn't invited because if I had been, I totally would've gone. Hello! Unlimited bacon and beer samples?! No, instead I went out to eat with one of the other wives and had good-for-your-heart girl talk over dinner and wine.


At the last minute I remembered to ask our waitress to take our picture quick which resulted in blurry quality and awkward hand placement on my part.

Sunday morning I enjoyed my morning coffee while I laid out my purchases from the day before - we leave for Jamaica on Saturday, only 6 days away! Also in case you are wondering, I did successfully find 3 new swimsuits and lived to tell the tale.

Parker, my brother, his fiancee, and I met my Grandma for brunch before we left town for our drive home. It was so cute because she got all frazzled when she was late because she forgot about the time change - which reminded me how nice it is that our phones just do that for us and we don't have to worry about setting the alarm clock ahead or anything! Or if you live in our apartment, you don't even have to set the main clock ahead because we never set it behind 6 months ago! My dad would be so disappointed.

Also, it was almost 50 degrees today! It was pure heaven and felt so good we drove home with our sun-roof cracked open. Winter might actually come to an end. Speaking of an end, The End.

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