Wednesday, March 5, 2014


In a few short weeks, Life Style Love will be no more. I am officially changing my blog name and design aaaannnny day now. Why? Well let's talk about it because that's what we do do when big things are happening that make us feel nervous and excited all at the same time. That or we drink, but this time I think talking about it is probably the better option.

Why did you start blogging?
What exactly is blogging "all about"?
What is your plan for your blog and the direction you're going to go?

I wrote my first post on September 6th, 2012. I wrote 7 posts, followed by a 5-month hiatus.

I wrote my 8th post on March 5th, 2013 and have been blogging very consistently since then. In the summer I didn't write as often but really, can you blame me?! Here in ND we suffer through cold winters and snow just because the summers are paradise so this little blog did suffer a bit - but that's life! If we don't stay busy, have fun, and live our life what is there to even blog about?

I'm getting off topic, moving on...

If you had asked me those 3 questions in September of 2012, my answers would be excruciatingly different from what my answers would be today. I thought all blogs were either food blogs, or DIY blogs, or technology how-to blogs. I didn't realize I could just write. I could just write about my life and people would actually read it. I will hardly even mention the fact that never in a million years did I think I would "meet" other people that I actually connect with. I have learned so much since I first took a piece of cyberspace in September of 2012. 

Blogging has turned out to be so much more than I ever expected. I sit down at my computer because I enjoy to write and just be myself - if someone doesn't like it, they can leave my blog and never stop by to read it ever again. So were my realizations and lessons good or bad? 

Totally good.
Theee best.

This space has turned into something different than I imagined - mostly because I had no idea about all the great things that could come from being a part of the blogging community. With these realizations, I have felt as though I need to re-brand. I didn't know what I was doing, what this little website was all about, or what this blog would turn into for me when I named it Life Style Love. Actually, on September 6th of 2012 I actually started with an even different name - see if you can figure that one out.

This is like Makeover Week on The Biggest Loser - it's about time that the mental and emotional changes are reflected in some physical appearance changes. I wanted a new blog name that is much more unique. I wanted it to be about me because I blog for myself - not for my husband, not for my family, not for my job, not for my fish... I actually don't have a fish. Which brings me to my design inspiration board...

I look forward to introducing The Samantha Life to you in the next couple of weeks. And I really look forward to seeing what Erin creates for my new design - like, I'm as excited as a 4-year old on her birthday who just had 4 cupcakes for breakfast.

Why am I telling you all of this today? Because we're friends and I like to give my friends a heads up when there are going to be some changes happening. And if you are reading this and don't think we're friends, then thanks for your readership but no thanks. For those of you who plan to stick around, here are some things you will start to notice and do not be alarmed:

*If you already follow me you will not need to re-follow. The existing accounts have just been changed.

The domain has already officially changed (check out that address bar):
New twitter handle: @thesamanthalife
New instagram handle: @thesamanthalife
New Pinterest link:
Changes will be coming to my Facebook page
Changes will show up on my Bloglovin' page
New e-mail address to contact me:

As always, I love you. I love this space. Thank you for reading, from the very bottom of my extremely grateful heart.

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