Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eat: The perfect snack

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This is such a great snack. What I love about it is for one it's easy to make. I mean you buy a bunch of different things, dump them in a bag, and shake it up - it doesn't get much easier than that. Secondly, it's such a great combination of sweet, salty, crunch, soft, chewy, and so on (I ran out of food-related describing words) which means that it can satisfy most any craving. Lastly, you can mix it up in one big bag and grab it for a trip or weekend away, or you could divvy it up into smaller snack size baggies that are ready-to-grab for an afternoon snack any day. This is like the most versatile snack, ever.

You really can use whatever appeals to your taste buds for this snack but these are some of our favorite ingredients: Cheerios, Teddy Grahams, cashews, peanuts, craisins & raisins, dried mixed fruit, chopped dates, M&Ms, marshmallows... (not pictured because we didn't need any more: almonds, chocolate or white chocolate chips, pretzels). See any ingredient that you use but I haven't mentioned here? Please let me know so I can add to my "recipe list" in the future.

We plan on making a big bag of this Thursday night before we leave for our trip. It will be a perfect snack to have on the airplane and even in our hotel room once we get there. 

Speaking of, have I mentioned that my brain is already on vacation mode? I realize I'm still wearing jeans to work in ND but my mind is in a bikini, sweating from the sun, and cooling off with a late-morning strawberry daiquiri.

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