Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY : Greeting Cards

I go crazy about cards - love em. I love buying them, finding them, giving them to somebody, getting them in the mail, anything! It honestly doesn't even matter the occasion. Parker and I get each other cards for every holiday - I mean, other than St. Patrick's day or Halloween or 4th of July, because that would be weird.

Moving on, whoever started Hallmark was genius because cards are expensive, people! It's not uncommon that I walk into Hallmark and come out 45 minutes later having spent 45 dollars. That right there is why a lot of people think cards are silly. (On a related note, have you ever seen Curly Girl Design cards - I'm.ob.sessed.)

I think that cards are becoming a lost art - like handwritten letters, iloveyou post-it notes, and any other form of writing that is not instant and does not involve technology. I made it a resolution at the beginning of 2014 to send every single family member a card for their birthday or anniversary - aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, immediate family, etc. Once these special dates started rolling around I realized this could get really expensive. So I did what any stressed-out, looking-for-an-answer girl would do and I went to Target. Which led to Hobby Lobby. Which led to Starbucks (that has nothing to do with this project, however). And I came up with this...

I bought:
Blank notecards w/ envelopes at Target (take a look at how all the edges are different - love) = $9.99
Happy Birthday and Thank You stickers = $0.74 + $0.74
Rhinestone embellishments = $1.49
Stick-on "borders" to personalize = $1.24 + $1.49 + $1.49
Total money spent = approximate $18.50 including tax

Based on the first 6 cards that I made I am figuring that the supplies I bought will be enough for 40 cards. That means each Birthday or Thank You card will only have cost me $0.46 each! They're fun, cute, and easy on our budget. I've got the ones that I pre-made stashed away, ready to grab and go when I need one. I left the back side blank so I can write a personal note on each one.


  1. Thank you! I was super excited when I realized they'd end up costing less than 50 cents each. Plus they were kinda fun to make too :)

  2. Thank you! And I LOVE Papyrus! Love love love - my mom and I could spend hours in there. I just wish their cards weren't $6.50 on average.


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