Tuesday, March 25, 2014


... proving to you that I really did jump in a 25-foot hole to land in a mineral spring! Maybe someday I'll actually post the video but you might get annoyed by my high-pitched, blood-curdling scream. The walls of the hole are rocks with limestone that you can break off and rub into your skin. It was practically a spa treatment - and by practically I mean it was because a Jamaican man did rub limestone into my arms while giving a little mini-massage. In the spirt of full disclosure, I need to tell you that it felt really good.

... listening to my Jamaica playlist, closing my eyes, and day-dreaming about a cold pina colada on the beach. I wonder if the post-vacation blues ever get better? I'm guessing they will, in like July.

... dreaming about the Michael Kors wallet and shoes I saw this weekend at the Mall of America. And that is why I don't allow myself to go into stores like that.

... wanting this girl's hair. Raise your hand if you agree? Ok, so everyone has their hand up right now. If hair envy is bad I don't want to be good. Amanda is not only beautiful but she is real. Her blog has quickly become one of my favorite reads - about anything from her daughter, to real-life emotions, to her funny husband.

... eating pita chips, string cheese, hummus, and carrots. I hope this is healthy because I feel like it should be and it's delicious. It also tastes like such a springtime lunch!

... reading The Happiness Project. I started it on vacation and I'm not that far into it yet but I already highly recommend it.

... loving Cait's quote - "live a life that allows you to do anything you desire". Sometimes we are the ones holding ourselves back more than anything else. Reading her blog inspires me to just have fun in life.

... wondering why it's spring and my phone app says the temperature is below freezing. Holy mackeral, Mother Nature! Let's get your crap figured out.

... thinking about the amount of laundry, cleaning, unpacking, and other boring activities I need to do tonight. Man alive, going on vacation is so much work. It'll feel so good when our place is non-chaotic again, though.

...wanting to buy a new purse. Why does my husband not understand this addiction / hobby of mine? It's been months since I bought a new one.

... reading this blog and loving the dry, sarcastic sense of humor - Tabitha is a girl after my own heart. I always catch myself grinning from ear-to-ear when I read her posts and can totally commiserate with feeling awkward during a photo session involving yourself, your camera, and your tripod!

... reminding myself that I will never be a fashion blogger.

... thinking hockey is way better than basketball. No offense to March Madness or any basketball fans out there, but don't you get bored watching them score so.many.times? Plus, have you ever read a sports article about basketball? They say balls so.many.times. I'm immature.

... remembering why I love blogging so much. I'm not going to lie, the week-long break was nice and relaxing to not sit in front of a computer at all or plan blog posts. But now that I'm back it sure is good to be back. As always thank you to those of you who come here to read a few times a week - it truly means so much to me.

... going back to work. Yes, I just wrote a blog post on my lunch break. I'm that girl. 

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