Friday, March 28, 2014

a look at my week

one: after getting back from vacation on sunday we are already unpacked and our apartment is back to normal. i honestly wasn't so sure if this was going to happen before april.

two: have you seen Catching Fire? we watched it sunday night when we were boycotting real-life and fully using up our vacation time - so good! soooo good! so now i need to reread all 3 books obviously.

three: my mom came to visit and stay with us 2 nights this week which means this one-bedroom apartment's living room basically turns into one big bed which just looks so funny to me.

four: i am loving this quote lately. i saw it years ago but i just ran across it on pinterest again in the last week or so and i think it is such a great reminder. happiest girls are the prettiest girls.

five: this weekend i'm heading home for my grandma's 84th birthday! wowza. also, this means I only have to work until noon today. boom.

happy last-weekend-of-march! enjoy :)

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