Friday, March 14, 2014

A Friday so much better than all other Fridays | H54F #24

You guys, this Friday is an exceptionally special Friday. Fridays are great but this Friday is so much better than any other Friday. For one, it's Pi Day - no I did not spell that incorrectly. I'm talking about Pi, like the number, like approximately 3.14. I used to teach math so yes, I do think this is cool. Plus, you should use it as an excuse to eat pie today. And reason number 2 why this Friday is better than all other Fridays: because we officially leave today for Minneapolis so that tomorrow we can leave from there for Jamaica! Insert woop woop, bow chicka wow wow, and all other statements of excitement here!

On that note, we've got lots to high-five about today...

1 // A few days this week it got close to 50 degrees! I officially went into spring fashion mode because of this lovely heat wave and whipped out flats, springy scarves, and short-sleeve shirts. So long sweatshirts and uggs until next year or a surprise April snowstorm. I wish I were kidding about that. It's happened before.

2 // I chopped my hair this week. And Parker photobombed my selfie which makes me so happy every time I look at it :) Hello, new iPhone wallpaper.

3 // I had a pretty blog-worthy outfit this week I'm just too lazy to take pictures so this is the only one I got. I just loved the combination of my gold accessories + scarf with the bright-colored top and flats. I've got major spring fever.

4 // V-neck boyfriend tees in the most summer-ready colors ever were only $5 at Target. So obviously I bought 4.

5 // If your vacation actually starts on Saturday, it's necessary that one begins the vacation festivities on the Wednesday before. This will decrease the shock on your body when you begin doing nothing and eating + drinking like there's no tomorrow. At least this is what we tell ourselves. We call it Vacation "Training". #yolo

Follow me on insta for the only updates you're going to get the next 8-10ish days - our hotel charges for wifi so I won't grace this little blogosphere again until we're back. Plus, that's what vacation's all about. The only things on my to-do list are sleep, read, drink, sunbathe, and relax. My nails have been gelled, bags are packed, and mimosas have been drunk. I'd say we're ready for vacation. Peace out kiddos - it's time for Jamaica, mon!

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