Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some things I learned on vacation {And a $90 Paypal GIVEAWAY}

Well the good news is we are officially unpacked, 2 loads of laundry are done, and we even managed to clean a little bit in the process. Thank goodness my mom came to visit and stay with us 2 nights this week or else we would have kept making excuses why we didn't need to do these things. On a side note, when I say 2 loads of laundry are done I obviously just mean the washing, drying, and folding - the actually "putting away" of the laundry probably won't happen until next Tuesday. I mean, does anybody actually put the clean clothes away right away? Vacation is great but jeesh, it's kind of a lot of work!

Every.single.time we go on vacation I overpack my carry-on. I always am lugging tons of things around the airport because I always pack certain "essentials" in my carry-on in case we were to lose our luggage. And every.single.time our luggage shows up on time and my over packing went to no use. Well guess what? We got to Jamaica - no luggage. It didn't quite make the quick layover and was still back in NC. Sooo guess who had a swimsuit in her carry-on? This girl. Which meant the fact that our luggage didn't show up until 6:30 pm that first evening didn't even matter because I was already soaking up the rays and was probably 3 pina coladas deep at the pool bar. Thank goodness I'm so OCD. Here's what the rest of my carry-on looked like:

For my own future reference and as a tip to you, always include any medications as some of the essentials to bring in your carry-on. I was getting a little nervous those weren't going to show up.

Guess what else I learned on vacation? Do not, and I mean dooooo not, give your husband full access to snap photos whenever he wants. If you do give him full access to your camera, do not be surprised when your memory card is scattered with his awkward selfies, non-photogenic bloopers, pictures of the hotel map or rum tap, and multiple photobombs. That's what happened to me at least:

What more? $90 of free moola! Doesn't get much better than that! Now that makes for one happy Thursday!

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