Saturday, February 1, 2014


1. I think I would choose to watch SVU any time, any day, any where, and with any body, no matter what else is on.

2. I haven't had a Blue Moon in a long time. Why?

3. I would not recommend hanging out with 2 different couples at their houses with their babies and their dogs if you have "fever" feelings for any of the above (i.e. house, baby, dog...)

4. I need a recliner because this recliner of my dad's that I'm sitting in is fab.

5. Should I put on jeans for the Force hockey game tonight or will my yoga pants suffice?

6. You know what's the best part about the best of friends? The fact that you can go days, weeks, and sometimes (sadly) even months without talking. And yet you can still go over to their house, months later, in your sweatpants, bearing coffee, and talk for hours.

7. I think I cry at like everything : a good song, videos shared on facebook, the Budweiser clydesdale commercial...

8. What's for dinner? I really wish I knew the answer to that one.

9. 6 weeks from right now I will be in my bikini on a beach in Jamaica, hopefully with either a margarita or Red Stripe in my hand.

10. Speaking of my bikini, maybe I should skip dinner.

11. Once you're an adult, I think being "homesick" is more being "lifesick". It's not so much missing home that gets you; but it's missing the particular people and life you had that really gets ya down.

12. This whole blogging thing ... it's totally worth it. Sponsors, new friends, annoying my husband with all my photographing, writing ... totally worth it.

I guess that's the extent of my thoughts, sweet peas. Keep on truckin - happy weekend.

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