Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shotskis and Classy ladies

If you've never done a shot-ski in your life, you need to do one. You are missing out on one of life's greatest, most fun, sticky-chinned moments. If you have done a shot-ski before, I want to be friends with you. Which is why I'm friends with Samantha. That and the fact that if we met at a bar to do a shot-ski together, we'd probably be able to talk for hours because of all the things we have in common. Bottoms up!

Well hello there beautiful readers of Life Style Love. I'm Samantha, not to be confused with the other Samantha that you're used to, but the one who blogs over at It's all in the details. Make sense? Good. If not, let's try this. I'm Samantha and so is she, but we are not one in the same. See? Now that we've got that cleared up, let's move on.

Anyways. Where am I even going with this post? Oh ya. I've recently decided that the other Samantha and I are pretty much the same person (except we're not - I already pointed that out). Wanna know how? Suuuuure ya do!

Without being too obvious, we have the same first name. And what a lovely first name it is. I have my father to thank for my name. My wonderful mother wanted to name me Desiree Michelle. No offense to any of you out there with that name, but come on, Mom. Really? Do I look like a Desiree Michelle? I don't think so.
Pictures of pictures are good first impressions, right?
Speaking of names, not only do Samantha and I have the same first name, but our middle names are pretty darn similar. You know, if you add a few letters to mine or remove a few from hers. But for the most part - samesies. Ree (me) & Marie (her). Point proven. I used to HATE my middle name, but once I got out of middle school and the twelve year-old mindset, I started to love it. It also helps that it's part of my Grandfather's name and also my mom's middle name. They are two extremely important people to me.

We both have a person of the male species living in the same household as us. Mine is my fiance, JC, and hers is her husband, Parker. How perfect would it have been if they had the same name? Thanks a lot, guys.

Another reason to add to why we're twins? We basically bought our loves the same Valentine's Card. Ok, not the exact same card, but from the same Etsy Shop - Rowhouse14.
Mine to JC.
Samantha's to Parker.
I mean they practically say the same thing. Samantha was just a little bit more forward than Samantha. I guess that's what marriage does to you, right? ;)

Speaking of weddings (kind of), we have almost the same wedding date! JC & I are getting married on September 27th, 2014 and Samantha & Parker got married on September 24th, 2010. SO close. Although Samantha was kind enough to only share a few posts about her wedding day, I'll bombard you with every last detail of the planning and probably every last detail of the weekend after it happens. Don't you wanna come read my blog now? I promise to include lots of pretty pictures of centerpieces, bridesmaid gifts (that I actually made!), and even stationery! Soon enough they will all be pictures I actually took or of my actual wedding and not just Pinterest inspiration, but ya gotta start somewhere, right?

Oh looky here. Pictures say it all. Especially about who has a better photographer.

I'm not entirely sure where Samantha took her shot ski, but I would venture to guess it was somewhere tropical and fun like Key West. I wasn't in a tropical location, but I promise I also wasn't in a creepy location like it appears. Well maybe so, Coyote Ugly in Nashville - post dancing on the bar. Oops?

Is there any other way to end a guest post than a shot ski? I think not.

I hope I've convinced you that I'm cool enough to be Samantha's twin and also that you'll stop by and say hi every so often. I'll do my best to make you laugh whenever I can and always share any good baking recipes when I make them. Now I've got you, right? Just say yes and we can move on :)

Thanks for having me, Samantha! xoxo, Samantha (gosh this isn't confusing at all)

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