Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Saying CHEERS | And CaraBox Reveal

Huuuump day!!! Wait, is that commercial still cool? Because here in ND we're like a million years behind the "cool times" so sometimes I say things on here that are so last month. Or whatever. Either way, happy Hump Day! Go celebrate tonight ;)

Today I get to share with you so many happy things. I'm saying "cheers" to all of the cool ladies below and let me just warn you, you're probably going to be jealous of some of the photos down there because they involve the cutest (and most extremely delicious) wine collection you've ever seen! Without further ado, this week I'm saying cheers to....

1. Mal @ Mal Smiles : Because she motivates me to be healthy AND happy! Every.single.time I read her blog I feel inspired to be healthy and fit, while still enjoying the good things in life (even if it means treating yourself to fro-yo...) She's just awesome...

2. Samantha @ Hooah and Hiccups : Because she tells it like it is. Whenever I read her blog I feel like it's ok to make mistakes. Moms can still be cool and fashionable. It's ok to feel sad. It's ok to be proud. I always leave her blog-space feeling like "wow, so I'm really not the only one who feels like that sometimes...." And that is a gift of hers.

3. Laura @ Mrs. Laura Beth : Because she got me this Cara Box :) Ok... I loved her before the Cara Box I receive from her but, hello! Check out the sweet stuff she got me. After I saw the one and-a-half bottles of wine in my carabox package I realized (for the 151st time that we were going to be besties). I haven't made the soup yet but it looks deeeeelish. And look at that postcard. You're jealous.

And here's the night we actually met! (Read about our blate here and here...)

Say CHEERS to somebody today and tell them why they touch your heart or keep you laughing. Or else, pour a glass of wine and say cheers to yourself, because you rock :)

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