Friday, February 21, 2014

Introducing: His + Hers Link-Up

It is insanely early as I am writing this right now - like before 5-o'clock in the morning early so please excuse any typos, unfinished sentences, lack of creativity, or mistakes in general. I blame it on being half asleep as I write this. Or maybe the 2nd martini from last night hasn't worn off yet. Or maybe it's because I haven't had any coffee yet. Basically, the way I see it, this is extreme dedication to this ol' bloggy-blog right here.

Today's post is quite the treat for you because I have a fun, one-time link-up to tell you about. This is your chance to get your man on the blog - your husband, best friend, brother, dog, fish...we don't care! Parker has made an appearance in this space of mine a few times - he wrote a post here, but if you want to get in a few giggles I would highly suggest you watch his vlog here. I hope you join us {me, Lauren, Jessa, and Lisa} and link-up with us next Friday, February 28th! Here are the deats you need to know:

1. We all link up on the last Friday of the love month (aka: the 28th).

2. Finish the sentences of the following prompts:
I am 
I want 
I have 
I wish 
I hate 
I fear 
I hear 
I search
I wonder 
I regret 
I love 
I ache 
I always 
I usually 
I never 
I rarely 
I am not always 
I lose 
I'm confused when 
I should

So for example:
I am always happy when he is around.
I want a puppy.

3. Then, have your boyfriend, husband, significant other, best friend, whatever, finish those same sentences!

4. Link-up with us and share your sentences and your man's sentences! It will be fun to read about all of you and "your person" in life. We have no free gift or form of bribery to help you convince your guy to participate - you'll have to figure that one out all on your own ;)

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