Friday, February 28, 2014

"I am funny." - said my husband

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post but it makes me happy and warm.

I will no longer stay in any hotel that does not offer a personal Keurig in each room. This breakfast blend is amazeballs right now. Parker's hockey team has their very last tournament this weekend, go wolves! So yesterday was my Friday and yes, it is currently only 6:30 because we have an early game this morning, but it sure beats being at work! 

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick - or I suppose it could be allergies but I can't possibly understand how there's anything I could be allergic to right now when everything around here is as frozen as The Day After Tomorrow. You know what's not good when you're sick? Sitting in a freezing cold hockey arena. You know what is good? Hot brandy - never tried it but I might ask Parker to stop by Liquor Land on our way to the game.

And today I'm linking up with Lauren, Lisa, and Jessa and had so much fun doing this with Parker yesterday afternoon. I finished the sentences myself and then Parker finished his sentences while we were driving here yesterday. Note to self and anyone who wants to get their husband on their blog: work on the post while you are in the midst of a 3-hour car ride. He is trapped, has nowhere to run, and therefore will be forced to participate :)

To find out what to do and to link-up head over to Lauren's blog!

I am so ready for winter to be over.
I want a house.
I have no doubts I married my soulmate.
I wish I lived closer to my friends and family.
I hate mediocrity. Step it up a notch, people.
I fear that life is going to fly by and before I know it I'll be old, wrinkled, and reminiscing.
I hear train horns from a mile away.
I search for pita chips every time we grocery shop and am rarely successful.
I wonder what I'll be doing 10 years from now.
I regret not staying in touch with certain friends.
I love my family more than anything.
I ache when I run.
I always brush my teeth before bed.
I usually have a glass of wine at the end of the day.
I never stay awake in a car ride. Lights out.
I rarely skip breakfast.
I am not always relaxed. At all.
I lose my headphones and/or phone cord often. But I always find them again.
I'm confused when I try to type, edit, or do anything with html.
I should run more often.

I am funny.
I want food. And a baby. And a puppy. And a house. And a mancave.
I have great family and friends.
I wish I lived in my hometown.
I hate complacency and ranch and mayonnaise. Hate 'em.
I fear not making the connection flight when we go to Jamaica.
I hear dead people (Oh wait, that's I see dead people.)
I search for vintage hockey things for my future mancave.
I wonder what it would be like to own my own business.
I regret nothing. 
I love my wife.
I ache in my wrist.
I always put my best foot forward.
I usually eat a lot of food.
I never leave a messy plate. Clean plate club.
I rarely dance. But when I do, I rock it. Cuz I do - I can jig.
I am not always the one to initiate cleaning.
I lose track of things.
I'm confused when people don't like hockey.
I should start training for a marathon.

For the record, I've already sneezed 12 times since writing this post. I now need to stop at the liquor store for brandy and Target for kleenex, cough drops, and aquaphor. Happy weekend and everything else!

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