Thursday, February 6, 2014

Because I love you... yes, YOU!

In the spirit of the season of love...

Because I love you... I don't instagram every picture I take. No one cares, or needs to see, all the awkward selfies, unhealthy food+cocktails, candles, and screenshots of my husband's snapchats.

Because I love you... I am offering 50% off all my ad spaces!!!!

So basically you can sponsor me for a full 30 days for less money than you spend on a frappuccino at Starbucks.

Use promo code "BECAUSEILOVEYOU". Post title, photo, it's all making sense now isn't it? [Promo code is only good until Sunday at midnight!]

Because I love you... I will never make that face again. Nor did I buy the hideously yellow mirror shades.

Peace out chickibabes.

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