Sunday, January 5, 2014

you should probably know that...

1. the best parts about saturdays are: bloody mary's and football, all while wearing sweatpants.

2. the wind chills around this area tomorrow are predicted to be 60 below. that is all.

3. you know how dogs are a man's best friend? well, i'm 100% certain that champagne is a woman's best friend - no matter what type of stemware it's served in.

4. the best parts about sundays are: coffee, relaxation, a few errands, and blogging.

5. my latest current obsessions are sea bass and the piano guys. they are in no way related to each other.

6. the best part about tomorrow: come link-up for get fit, feel confident, be healthy for the first time! woop woop!

these are my only pictures from this weekend. yes, they all involve a beverage of some sort. weird.

check instagram for the captions.

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