Thursday, January 23, 2014

You know you're a hockey wife when...

In which of these pictures does Parker have the happiest, most genuine, glowing smile? The one where he's holding his brand new Bauer APX skates or the one where he's holding me? It's ok, I know the answer. I've spent the past 10 years of my life knowing and loving Parker so I am well aware that I was not his first love. And yet I chose to marry him anyway :) Which brings me to...

You know you're a hockey wife when...

1. Your husband smiles bigger when he's holding new skates than when he's holding you.
2. Your wedding anniversaries have been celebrated by attending an NHL hockey game.
3. You decorate the Christmas tree with your friend (Malbec) while your husband is at hockey practice. Also, this happens shortly before the 15th of December (10 days before Christmas) once the practice schedule finally allows him to get the tree up.
4. Your, let's just call it, "love life" definitely revolves around dry-land, chalk talk, and practice schedules.
5. You spent the second part of your evening on NYE at an NAHL Juniors hockey game.
6. You don't play Monopoly, you play Pond Hockey-opoly.
7. 1/3 of the pictures your husband posts to his Instagram account involve plans to decorate parts of your future house to mimick a hockey arena.
8. Your bucket list includes the goal to make it to all 32 NHL hockey arenas to see a game.
9. [Statement has been removed my moderator (aka: Parker).]
10. You will willingly choose to spend a total of 14+ hours on a coach bus with an entire hockey team of 12-year old boys and their parents to spend the weekend at a youth hockey tournament in a freezing cold town, just so you don't have to spend another weekend husband-less.
This will be my last post for the week (see #10 in the above list). The bus leaves Friday morning at 7:00 am. I'm packing minimal clothes, my computer, mimosa supplies, sweatpants, my pillow, and a 6-pack - should be a fun weekend. Happy Weekend to you! Kick ass and take names.

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