Monday, January 13, 2014

An Update + 3 goals | GF-FC-BH Link-Up #2

What? Is it really Monday already? You guys, it's a big deal that I even know what day it is. Let me give you a long story short: I had a few family things going on and needed to head out of town on New Year's Day with my mom. I packed for 4 days because the plan was to be gone for that long. I ended up being gone for 8 days. Luckily, I have an understanding husband and coworkers and even more luckily, we were able to use my aunt's washing machine about 5 days into our stay. My mind+body basically got completely confused being out of their normal routine so I didn't even know what day it was on a daily basis. But I am back, everyone is healthy, and I finally felt like my normal, cool self on Sunday. 

I didn't post in a week (gasp!) and that's my excuse. So there :)
One of my lunches with mom. Don't judge: fro-yo is healthy. Look! We covered it in fruit.
P's team took 3rd today. Can I get a woop woop?!
Let talk about how my journey is going to being fit+fab. On the first of the year I decided I needed to make some changes - not only to lose weight but to be healthy, confident, in shape, and to feel fabulous in general! Last week I talked about my specific goals. I was out of town from the 1st until the 9th (see above) so the whole "working out" thing? Yeah, that's not going so well. However, I have changed how I've been eating. I have been choosing fruits and vegetables over other snacks / side dishes. I have definitely been drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day. Being out of town didn't exactly keep me in a good, healthy sleep routine but I think I got that straightened out this weekend :)

AND Parker and I went to the gym this morning. [Actually I'm writing this ahead of time on Sunday night but I told him if I wrote 5:00 AM Workout in my new Erin Condren planner that I'm obsessed with it has to happen. It's officially been written down so I'm hoping that as you read this, I have finally worked-out for the first time since I-don't-know-when!]

3 things I need to work on right now are:
+ Making time for myself to exercise 5 days a week.
+ Realizing that if I run out of time to get to the gym one day, it's not the end of the world.
+ Planning meals+snacks ahead of time to avoid last-minute snacking and/or unhealthy choices.

*Being out of town I wasn't able to weigh myself so this reflects my total weight loss since January 1st.
This week: -1.2 pounds
Total weight loss: -1.2 pounds

I think I should be able to do ok with those 3 extra goals this week. Today Parker and I planned out our meals through Thursday night. I also sat down with my planner and wrote down where I can fit in my workouts. I think this will keep me more accountable to make time for exercise. It should be a priority, not a I'll-do-it-if-there's-time thing. What are you working on this week? How did last week go for you? Link-up below and tell us about it!

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Something you struggled with last week
Ways you've been able to successfully relieve stress
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