Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do You Ever... (My husband's lecture...)

Just the other night, Parker and I got into a fight...

Parker: When can we have a baby?
Me: Parker, it's just not the right time, what with where we live and everything. We've talked about this already.
Parker: Well, what about a puppy? I want a puppy.
Me: Yeah, I want a puppy, too. But we live above a lumberyard. I don't want to get a puppy until we have a yard and a block for that puppy to play on.
Parker: Well, all of our friends are getting puppies and / or having babies so I'm getting jealous. And I want a cute, little puppy and a cute, little baby.
Me: Parker. Ohmygosh. We've talked about all of this - don't make me be the bad person.

Then we continued to get into an argument for a few minutes during which I was telling him that it must be nice to always be the one wanting, wishing, dreaming, whatever. I told him it's not always easy being the realistic, logical, boring one. He proceeded to sort of start lecturing me. Although, you know what, it wasn't a bad lecture. 

He told me I need to dream more. That sometimes I need to just talk about things that would be 'cool' even if they're not going to happen. I told him that I can't because one of us needs to be logical or else we'd be living in la-la land. He said that if I would just let myself talk about 'what if' every once in a while, he would actually step up and be the realistic person. He was telling me to dream - think outside the box - live with my feet off the ground. 

And that, is why I love that man.

Since that night, I've been trying to do that more.

When we talk about dreams / plans / goals, I try to talk about things that might not be the most realistic option.

I try to listen, be supportive, and engage when he talks about how awesome something would be (even if it's not very likely). 

He's gotten me thinking about how many things I do something because it's what someone expects me to do; how many things I don't say because it wouldn't be 'like me'; all the things I don't do because they're not logical. 

And how boring is that 100% logical, realistic, feet-on-the-ground life?

Do you ever dream? Beyond situations that are reasonable or realistic.

Do you ever plan nothing? And I mean, plan to do nothing. Let yourself sit down, watch Netflix, or flip through a magazine without an agenda.

Do you ever read a book? Leave the unwashed dishes and dirty laundry and let yourself fall into a book.

Do you ever speak your mind? At work, with your friends, at a bar - without worrying about what other people might think.

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? Because it's ok to have a pity party every once in awhile. We're certainly not perfect.

Do you ever buy a sexy bra? Just because it makes you feel attractive and will make your man giddy?

Do you ever drink too much wine? Have a tequila shot. Or have some beers at the game, without worrying about tomorrow.

Do you ever write an e-mail to a blogger, just because their post inspired you, made you laugh, or made you cry?

Do you ever text a friend just to say you're thinking about them?

Do you ever eat pizza for dinner because it's just easier than cooking?

Do you ever wear your glasses to work? Without worrying about what other people will think.

Do you ever wear a sweatshirt on a Tuesday? Without worrying about what other people will think.

Do you ever stop worrying?

Do you ever cry? Just because sometimes crying out the tears helps your soul?

Do you ever just sit down and write a blog post? Without thinking, planning, or worrying what your readers will think.

Do you ever allow yourself to just be you and dream?

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