Friday, January 3, 2014

1st friday of 2014 | H54F #20

i am just popping in super quick this morning to share my high five moments for this week! i'm out of town with my mom and we need to be somewhere pretty early this morning so it's only 5:49 am currently. 

yes, you can write posts early and schedule them to post on your blog, but i feel like that's just not right with a high-five for friday post because then i wouldn't be able to include...

1. woke up to a text this morning from my best friend from high school: baby is on the way and they were headed to the hospital!!!!! so that's pretty exciting i suppose :)

2. i spent new year's eve with parker for the 9th year on tuesday night. (it was our 4th year as husband and wife.)

3. we finally got most of our christmas presents put away in the last few days and i even got a few cupboards cleaned out in the process. that makes my i-heart-organizing self super happy.

4. the north dakota state bison play in the championship in frisco this saturday at 1pm!

5. i am just overjoyed about this new link-up and the reaction we got from some of you. link-up on monday - it will be supah-fun!!!

and i leave you with that today. gotta go put my face on! happy weekend!

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