Friday, December 13, 2013

why my weekend is going to rock | H54F #18

my weekend is going to rock. it's going to be one of those weekends that make you feel like weekends shouldn't just be called weekend, they should be called awesome. and they should be at least 3 days, in order to get in as much awesome as possible. [my awesome IS 3 days long because i only have to work for like an hour this morning.] i think i'm just so excited, i could burst. 

1 // i get my new car today!!! on november 14th, 2013 i said goodbye to my car forever. it was a great car, but it's life was made short by a mother f- silly deer. almost one month later, i'm finally getting my own set of wheels again and can stop borrowing my hubby's truck when i want crackers or deoderant. can you even tell how excited i am?!

2 // we get to see my aunt and uncle, from colorado and vermont, whom we only get to see twice a year!
my aunt went back to school to be an esthetician so facials all around on saturday!! do you think maybe she'd massage my neck, paint my toes, and wax my eyebrows too? if you're going to attempt a spa day, you might as well just go all out. go big or go home!

3 // folgers vanilla biscotti coffee. that has absolutely nothing to do with the weekend, it's just changing my life as we speak. it'll make you get out of bed to write a blog post and pack, with a smile on your face, even though your pathetic 3-1/2 hours of shut-eye last night mean that your body wants sleep more than a squirrel wants his nuts.

4 // there's a bison game saturday at 11:00. you know what that means! homemade bloody mary's at the lake :) [did you see my picture on instagram of my bloody last weekend? it practically included a fancy meat, cheese, and veggie tray in my glass!]
5 // we're spending our weekend here.
and that speaks for itself i think.

hope your awesome rocks too! see ya on monday, chickadees :)

i'm guest posting at marquis's blog today!
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  1. It seriously ROCKS! What are you getting , I mean in car? I have a serious addiction with Honda cars though ;)

    Noor | Noor's Place

  2. Your weekend looks like it's gonna be awesome! And last time I bought regular, boring, foldgers coffee, I got a sample pack of Folgers Vanilla Biscotti coffee free and it was sooo good! Hooray for your new car! I am excited for you. :-)

  3. What an amazing view! Have fun driving the new car around! Seriously with the facial you might as get the whole works!

  4. Gorgeous!!!!! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.


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