Tuesday, December 10, 2013

just popping in to say hey

just popping in to say hey!

i'm out of town for work - headed back home this morning, so i just have some random thoughts for you this morning:

+ we were able to celebrate my little brother's birthday with him and my family on friday night. basically we had a fabulous weekend with friends & family overall. it was great.

+ i got oodles and oodles of christmas shopping done with my mom on saturday. finally. there are very few things left on the list.

+ we reward ourselves after shopping.

+ i'm looking forward to fiiiinally getting my tree decorated when we get home tonight. is it just me, or did this thanksgiving at the very end of november throw anybody else off?

+ i'm visiting mal's blog today: please come check it out! you probably want to be friends with this girl, too.

+ i haven't watched my recorded episodes of parenthood in like 3 weeks. 3 weeks! also, i have yet to watch the dwts finale episode and yes, i do still plan on watching it.

+ i'll be back for regularly scheduled programming tomorrow :)

peace out lovers! happy tuesday!


  1. Yes Thanksgiving being so late has thrown everything off! I am not a fan. Also, do you know who won DWTS and you are still going to watch it? :) As I typed that I realized that I would too. You still gotta see all the performances! It was a good one!

  2. We put our tree up the Friday after Thanksgiving every single year, but this year we were out of town and thanksgiving fell so late (it seemed), that we JUST got it up! I feel like I lost some time celebrating Christmas lol. Merry Christmas!

  3. New follower from Mal's blog! Yes, Thanksgiving totally threw me off. My tree still isn't up, but at least we got the outside lights up.

  4. this holiday season has EVERYONE off their game.. I know I have struggled with that lately.. that drink looks amazing!!

  5. Bloody Mary? If so it's the best looking one I have ever seen and what are the odds where ever you nabbed it has a location by me? Probably not. Darn midwest and it's lack of awesome places to eat. Sigh. Insert jealous face here. Checking out your blog recommendation as well. Safe travels.

    Keep it Sassy & Classy,


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