Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello, December {Goals}

Let's be real: December is certainly not the month to try to start new habits or set high goals for yourself, unless your goals sound something like "eat one holiday treat every day" or "gain 10 pounds". Now those would be something I could commit to. 

December is stuffed so full of holiday parties, Christmas baking, good food, cocktails and other things that make life ab-so-lutely beautiful; seriously, that's the good stuff right there. But those things sneak up on you from behind and next thing you know you forgot you have to do things like work, pay bills, cook, stay sane... oh, and you need to go buy new, bigger pants because the old ones don't fit anymore.

So I'm keeping my goals simple for this next month. Always remember: if you don't set the bar too high, you might actually succeed. Ok, I'm totally kidding about that because that would be like the least motivational speech ever. It's not that I'm keeping bar low; I'm being realistic - recognizing the challenges that the month of December can bring, and planning for them. Blah, blah, blah, right?

My goals for this month:

1. Exercise 3 times a week: 3 days a week is better than no days a week. I've talked before about exercise, getting in a good routine, and wanting to lose some weight. It's only been going so-so the last few weeks so I need to make sure that I exercise over the next couple of weeks. It's a stress-reliever and I don't want to use "this season" as an excuse. Plus, when I exercise regularly I make healthier food choices, too. 

2. Maintain the "normal": It can be easy to get caught up in baking and Christmas carols or get stressed out about shopping and wrapping presents, but I need to have a routine in order to feel like I've "got it together". This means I need to also make time for the normal things - cooking, working out, paying bills, or watching a favorite tv show. Things can get a little crazy-busy on the weekends during this month, but I can definitely make time for those things during the week.

3. Enjoy: Savor the carols. Look at the twinkly lights. Eat a Christmas cookie. Live it up this Christmas season; it only comes once a year.
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  1. These are great! And good luck. I need to certainly work on maintaining the normal. And enjoying. We put up our tree last night and I am already stressed out. I have to finish shopping and wrap all our presents, get our Christmas cards made and sent out and decorate the house as soon as possible because I am leaving on the 15th for work to be gone for a week then meet up with the hubby at his mom's for the week of Christmas. So I only have 2 weeks to get everything done and to enjoy the season. Anyway, I think I will be joining you in making all 3 of these my goal this month. I think it will be essential in keeping me sane.

  2. I'm always craving "normal" once the holiday season is over! Hopefully I can keep these next few weeks as normal as possible!

  3. I need to move my butt or my pants will not fit.

  4. These are great goals!! I love them!! I need to make mine for Decemeber!

  5. I'm all about enjoying too! I feel like it's already flying by soooooo fast!

  6. Someone asked me if I had any goals for December and I truly never laughed so hard. Surviving is my goal! It gets so crazy busy I think just keeping up with everything is a win in my book. Oh and not gaining any holiday weight!

  7. I try to make a point to do something for me, whatever that may be. Most often it's a glass of wine and my iPad (which houses my Kindle app). I then sit by the fire and let the house know that until my wine glass is empty, I am on literary vacation. Surprisingly the house sort of relaxes on their own during this time but the second that wine glass is empty you'll hear, "MOM"...."Hey Sweetie"...how do they know? Just take care of you and the rest will always work itself out.... also let me know if you happen to see a jumbo sized wine glass during your holiday adventures. Maybe then I could squeeze a little more time out of my vacation.

    Keep it Sassy & Classy,


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