Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: In Review

SO normally Mondays are a day for Weekend Recaps because obviously, my weekends and life in general are thrilling. But today: today is the last Monday of 2013. Can you believe it?! I can't. But I also don't mind. If we're being honest here, I didn't like 2013 - mostly because it's an odd number and who likes odd numbers or the number 13?

Either way, I have much to be thankful about for the past 12 months. Family, friends, and fun are my fave moments of the year. But just for my own records, I'm going to recap the "highlights" from each month of the year 2013. And I'm going to limit myself to 1 photo from each month, otherwise this could get out of control. 

Spoiler Alert: It's pretty easy to tell which months are the "fun months" around here. The happenings in January through April kind of get the year off to a slow start as we try to make it through the final leg of the winter season. But as soon as the snow melts and lake season begins we definitely take life by the horns - all the way from May through December.

We rang in 2013 in Arizona with my husband's family.
On a sadder note, we also said goodbye to my Grandpa. 

We went on a trip with my family to Keystone, Colorado. Parker had never skiied before and I hadn't skiied in years - we.had.a.blast. And obviously he was way better than me.

Looking back at our photos from March, you can tell we were craving spring weather - and judging by my bare feet on the outdoor deck, we must have gotten a few early tastes of springtime, even with snow still on the ground. This photo is from Easter weekend.

In April we spent time enjoying the sunshine rays and trying, so hard, to say so-long to the snow.

I broke the rules on this shoot me. May is my birthday month and we always bend the rules for birthdays...
May involved a nice birthday dinner date with my husband, walking in our first-ever breast cancer walk with my husband's family on Mother's Day, and running a 4-person marathon relay. Phew, just writing about that month makes me feel tired. 

Summer has officially begun: weddings, lake season, walks outside, and fruity, summer cocktails.

My brother finally asked this girl^ to marry him! I don't even remember what else happened that month because the wedding planning officially began.

August involved many-a-days on the water with family. It's the best month around these MN lakes: temperatures in the 80s, sunshine, and pure happiness as everyone is trying to soak up the final days of summer.

 We celebrated our 3-year anniversary. Oh, and I went hunting and shot a rifle for the first time. NBD.

This month's highlight is definitely the weekend we spent in Minneapolis to celebrate our anniversary.

We finally got to see Parker's grandparents for the first time in almost a year. We drove the 8 hours to their place on Thanksgiving weekend. The weekend involved a Fish House Parade on Black Friday and the taking of our Christmas card picture^. Which reminds me, I should probably get those cards mailed out today.

Christmas, Christmas, Everywhere! The best holiday of the year kind of seems to take over the month of December, and who's complaining! Although there are still 2 days of the month left, I'm guessing they will not involve anything better than Christmas baking, family time, or presents. So I can officially say that spending the Christmas holidays with family was thee highlight of the month of December.

We are lucky, lucky people. 

2013 was a good year. Are there things I would have changed? Probably. Is life easy? Never. But it sure is a beautiful thing. And I look forward to the many good things to come in 2014!

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