Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 Things I Should be Doing Instead of Blogging

Does anyone else feel like these Christmastime days are whooshing by faster than a full-speed train, and said train just ran you over? Sorry, that was pretty negative; but really, I swear 2 minutes ago it was November 28th and I was stuffing my face with food that makes me sleepy. But no, it's December 17th and I feel like I have a bajillion things to do before Friday. On a side note: it oftentimes crosses my mind that if I can't even handle myself and the hubs, I'm going to be an emotional, stressed-out wreck when there are actual, dependent children in the future someday. 
This picture has nothing to do with this post. It just makes me feel happy and relaxed. No, I am not swimming in the nude. It's called a bandeau top, people.
Tonight I planned to "get caught up on blogging". I've had bucket-loads of thoughts cross my mind as I sat down in front of my computer, but I'm so flippin tired and have so many other things to do that I couldn't even attempt to make sense of any of them enough to form a blog post. Actually, I did attempt, which resulted in 4 different post drafts now sitting on my blogger dashboard. 

Blogging is about honesty, right? Those are my favorite blogs - the ones where I know the blogger's husband's name, dog's name, favorite food, and vulnerabilities. Well, lately I haven't had time to give my blog 100%. Why? Because I've been giving my life 100%. Or have been trying to, at least. So although I haven't read many of your blogs in awhile, have 114 comments in my e-mail inbox to respond to, and haven't really written a post with value in what seems like weeks, I don't have time for "getting caught up on" that stuff tonight. And I probably won't until like December 30th. Because there are lots of things I should be doing other than blogging. Here are 10 of them. There really are way more than 10, but some things just don't need to be on the internet.

10 things I should be doing instead of blogging:

+ Baking the treats I'm bring to our work potluck on Thursday. I suppose I'll do that tomorrow night and take a bunch of pictures so I could finally write a valuable post for Thursday. Maybe.

+ Watching my DVR. Should I be doing this? Ehh, maybe not. But it's almost embarrassing how far behind I am in some of my favorite shows. I thought I was more dedicated and better than that. I still have not watched the DWTS finale, and have not even heard who won - don't tell me! How I didn't find out through twitter, my MSN homepage, or all my friends (ha!), I don't know.

+ Sitting in my car. With the Owner's Manual. Trying to figure out that dang bluetooth and why I have a ton of songs in my cloud. Having Apple put my stuff in the "atmosphere" is pretty dang confusing.

+ Wrapping presents. Although, props to me, I am actually about half done with this one.

+ Doing laundry. Maybe I should just buy Parker new jeans so he can wear clean ones...?

+ Cooking the Green Bean Casserole we're bringing to aforementioned work potluck on Thursday. I suppose I'll postpone that to tomorrow night, too.

+ Planning blog posts that have value, meaning, inspiration, or any of the above. I really think I could at least share more than a constant play-by-play with you.

+ Addressing the 80 Christmas cards I have yet to send out. They don't say Merry Christmas, but instead say Fa la la la la. I figure that gets me at least until the New Year without being really late.

+ Responding to comments in my e-mail inbox. Thank you to you commenters! I will respond soon - I love reading each and every one of your comments! I just am busy and procrastinate (if you didn't notice that already.)

+ Relaxing. I'm tired and still a little sore from my car accident so this one I'm actually going to do. Right now. With my heating pad. I think I'll watch Blue Bloods tonight.

At least I'll make progress on something, even if it is only relieving my DVR capacity and chillin out. Go relax - you deserve it. Unless you know anything about bluetooth / music / the cloud / honda accords - if that's the case, go send me an e-mail ;) Kidding. 


  1. You're so right Samantha, the days just went "zoom" for me too! I got like so many things I want to make like buy presents, wrap them, clean the house, making new printable, baking, watch movie, play with kids. Haaaay, they are piling and piling. :) Let's do them one-by-one :)

  2. I had to not blog today, so I could get everything done today! But it feels nice having everything done, and ready for Christmas!

  3. It totally seems like this month as flown by. I agree, I have so many things I should be doing rather than blogging/reading blogs. Ooops. :)

  4. Hi! I am new visitor and this post made me so happy! I was just sitting here hanging out in blogsville thinking to myself...1. I need to make the dish for my work potluck 2. I need to wrap gifts 3. I need to get some sleep 4. Why is the laundry pile so big?? etc etc... There are so many things to be done and there is just something about this time of the year that exacerbates my to-do list. I hope you find the time to relax and enjoy your holiday while also loving blog life. Great post, thanks for making me not feel so alone!


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