Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WEAR: Leggings, from Day to Night

A few weekends ago, my hubby and I had a little anniversary weekend getaway. It was so much fun, but the worst part: packing. I hate packing. It stresses me out. I swear, I lose sleep over whether I packed enough pairs of underwear or if I remembered my makeup primer. Let's not even start on the clothes part of packing. I'm pretty sure that even if I packed a small knapsack with only 3 articles of clothing for a 4-day weekend my husband would still say something like "Seriously?! You really need all that stuff?" And I would respond with something like, "Well, yes honey, I do need all this stuff. If you've got a problem with it I could leave my sexy bra at home to save space..."

I knew that the Saturday of our anniversary getaway would be pretty low-key during the day, but a nice dinner at night. I packed leggings - so easy. Pair them with a sweatshirt and boots for a casual but cute downtown-strolling outfit. Pair them with a long blouse and heels for a nice, Saturday night dinner.


Plus, leggings are totally comfortable. I certainly didn't say no to ice cream for lunch or another glass of wine with dinner that day :)


  1. leggings are ok by my any day, and any time of the day really! i have been living in them for the past 3 days.. no one has even noticed or mentioned a word:)

  2. I have those brown boots too, they are my favorite!

  3. I do love how leggings can easily be transitioned from day to night...and also work for a day at home snuggling on the couch!

  4. i LOVE leggings!! cozy day look and love the night look!! that top is great!! hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. I basically wear leggings every day. I have to wear all black to school so like, why would I wear uncomfortable pants when I can get away with wearing leggins ;)


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