Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vlogging: A How-To

I am by no means a professional at vlogging. I don't even have that much experience with it or know that much about it. In fact, only 2 vlogs have ever shown up on Life Style Love: this one was the first and my husband is actually the one doing the vlogging. This one was second and it was my first time vlogging. So yeah, not a whole lot of vlogging experience I'm drawing from here. BUT, one of the reasons I didn't vlog sooner is because I really didn't know how. I knew I needed to record myself talking but wasn't sure what to do from there. I googled a lot of questions, shared a few curse words with YouTube, and eventually figured out how to get my Vlog on my Blog. Sometimes I ask myself why I spent so much time working hard to get an awkward video of myself on a website for the whole world to see. Either way, today I'm going to share with you the basics of vlogging, with hopes that I can help out another sista so you can make your debut in the vlogging world.

1. Decide how you are going to record yourself speaking:
          Option A: Camera - I used my DSLR camera because I knew the picture quality would be 
          good and pressing the button with the red video camera icon seemed pretty easy.
          Option B: Computer - I also could have used iMovie on my laptop which is also pretty easy. 
          I'm sure your computer has the same or a similar application for recording if it has a built-in camera.

2. Upload the video to your computer, if necessary. If you recorded your vlog using your computer, you can skip this step.

3. Most likely, your video will be in a .mov format. In my experience, this takes foooooorreeeevvveeerrrr to upload to YouTube and, most times, doesn't even upload successfully. I prefer to save my vlog in a .m4v format because it takes about a minute to upload and has always been successful for me. To do this, open your .mov file. In the menu bar, click File --> Save As --> save another copy of your video as an iPod version (this will be the .m4v file format that you want).

4. Upload your video to YouTube. You will automatically be logged into YouTube if you are logged into your Google account (which you will be if you blog using the Blogger platform). You will need to create a YouTube Channel to upload videos, if you haven't already. It will prompt you to do this as soon as you click Upload. Follow the step-by-step procedure that it leads you through - it's fairly simple and you don't need to worry about all your Channel settings, information, or descriptions for now. Make sure you upload your video in the .m4v file format.

5. Post your YouTube video in your blog post by clicking the "Insert a Video" icon in your dashboard when composing a new blog post. Search for your video on YouTube, and voila! The video inserts into your blog post just like when you insert a picture.


  1. I have threatened to get my vlog on so many times, but I always chicken out =( What would I vlog about?! Just ramble for a few minutes?? I'm so conflicted!



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