Sunday, November 10, 2013

Six on Sunday

Boy, you kind of have to do a double-take reading that post title.

"Six on Sunday" sounded a lot better than "Some completely random and pointless rambling on a Sunday night".

1 // There is no wine in our apartment right now. I bought wine in April at the Penny Sale - buy one bottle, get another bottle for a penny (I know, it's basically like Wino Heaven) and I haven't bought any since then. Just finished the last bottle last week without realizing it was the last one.

2 // I. did. absolutely. nothing. yesterday. Maybe I should have at least gone to the liquor store.

3 // I could never live without a headband. I have a sort of love-hate relationship with my bangs. Love 'em on the 2 days a week I style my hair. Hate 'em when they touch my forehead on the other days.

4 // I updated my Sponsor page today. Sometimes when I should be writing thoughtful blog posts full of value I mess around with other, less-thinking-required things instead.

5 // I have a short week this week. 4 days of work then a 3-DAY SHOPPING WEEKEND WITH MY MOM!!! Can you tell I'm totally not even that excited...

6 // Hockey season has officially begun for my husband. Which is probably why I'm sitting in my apartment, alone, writing a completely random blog post.


  1. Six on Sunday is catchy, I'll give ya that much. :)

  2. I love this. haha I think it shows the reality that bloggers are people too not just mindless bots punching out words! I feel so sympathetic towards the wine but I think my jealousy towards you getting a day to do nothing is greater lol

  3. Love that of the perks of life out in the vast west! Just exhale and say ahhhhh! Might be better if you had some wine though -ha!


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