Thursday, November 7, 2013

If you were a kid in the 90s

Happy Thursday! It doesn't quite have the same ring as "Happy Friday" but it's the first Thursday in November, so that's cool, and it's the day before Friday! I've got this cool chick, Noor, guest-posting on my blog today. If you were a kid in the 90s you will love this post. Her reference to Hannah Montana really makes me miss Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire. And who didn't love playing Donkey Kong and trying to run through all those pineapples on the traditional Nintendo? Enjoy her post and pop on over to her blog to say hi!

Hey everyone, I'm Noor and I'm excited to be a guest at Samantha's blog . I blog over Noor's Place which is my lifestyle, aka everything and anything! I'm a senior student in her sweet sixteen (youngster blogger, high five). Though I have seen 16 springs of my life, I still feel like a kid, who eats pop corns instead of crisps and cries over disney pixars. Well, I know I can't be alone in the last statement. But some things would never ever make me feel like a grown up. Hitting up on Disney at first but I have a long list:

1- Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana
I had a thousand Hannah Montana posters on my room walls and magnets on my fridge. I still recite her dialogues as if Miley will stick her tongue inside and put on blonde wig to make everything all right. It sounds gross now as everything has changed. LITERALLY! I don't need to give a proof, right?

2- Nintendos 
I had my first nintendo gameboy at 10/11 and it was the COOLEST thing on earth for us kiddos, like showing off an iphone at 12 was our thing back at late 1990's. I bet I have played each and every cassette Gameboy came with.

3- Nancy Drew 
I always wanted to be an adventurous person, though this thing has literally been dimmed since I jumped into Maths and Physics to ruin my life. But I still have Nancy Drew's vintage books that I don't share with anyone. Her cousins, friends, and father made me want to have a swap of life. Though she is fiction and grown in her thirties, I still don't mind reading her teen adventures.

4- Disney 
Blame everything on disney. Tangled, Cinderella, and Little Mermaid type of films are exciting, OH super exciting. I never miss any single hit from them. Disney was my kid-hood addiction and I am surely taking it to an adult obsession. How many of you don't watch them, still?
So do we have anything in common ? Or what's your stuck-in-childhood thing?

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  1. I saw Miley in concert when she was making her transition from Hannah. Think Party in the USA era. #noshame #teammiley

  2. I used to love Miley back when she was on Hannah Montana - and I still love her today! She's awesome! It feels kinda to think about the generational change over....

  3. Nancy Drew!!! my fav books from growing up, i actually still have all of them too :)

    1. I love her even she's turned 30 ;) I have a few vintage one !!

  4. What? Hannah Montana wasn't in the 90's at all. I'm confused.

  5. I'm not a fan of Miley..but I love her songs!!!

  6. This mostly just makes me feel old... I was a kid in the 90's but before Miley and Hannah Montana and my Nintendo Gameboy was muchhhh bigger. :)


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