Friday, November 1, 2013

First-ever VLOG that won't be posted

Happy Friday, friends! 

I have terrible news on this Friday morning: I pre-filmed my first-ever VLOG on Tuesday night and am now halfway to my weekend getaway destination and my computer with the vlog is at home. Maybe this is a sign....? Maybe I will post the blog late once we get back or maybe it's a sign that it shouldn't be posted in the first place :) Either way, I suppose I'll try a second take of my first-ever vlog for next Friday. I did mention in my vlog-that-won't-be-posted-today that my hubby actually vlogged before I ever did. Check that out here.

The hubby and I are off from work today and heading out for a late Anniversary Weekend Getaway. We left last night after work, spent the night in our hometown, and are driving the remaining 4 hours this morning. Our anniversary was actually September 24th, but we are celebrating by spending a weekend in Minneapolis / St. Paul this weekend. We have tickets for the Minnesota Wild hockey game tonight and are going out to a nice dinner downtown tomorrow night. I did mention in my vlog that I personally think he's the luckiest guy ever that his Wedding Anniversary is celebrated with tickets to an NHL hockey game :)

I'll probably be ignoring my phone most of the weekend to enjoy time with my hubby, but follow me on instagram to see all the fun we're up to - have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great time.

  2. Happy late Anniversary!!! Have a wonderful trip! Tell Hubs I said you are a catch!!!! :)

  3. I've loved seeing all your anniversary pics on Instagram! It looks like you're having such a great time. Sad about the vlog :( I was excited about that! I want to see it this week!!


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