Thursday, November 14, 2013

Enjoy the Simple Things

Hey lovelies! At the end of today, I'm headed off for a 3-day weekend of shopping with my mom; so Ashten, from Always Ashten, is making an appearance on the blog today. Ashten is one of those girls that you love, but when you read her blog you're going to be totally jealous of her writing. I swear, this girl just whips fabulous writing out of nowhere! Enjoy what she has to say, and let yourself forget the laundry, traffic, and e-mails - let yourself revel in the simple things today.


One thing I love about Samantha is her ability to find joy in the simple things: a weekend away with her man, a good glass of wine, a weekend at the lake. I admire this about her because in today’s “what can you give me?” culture and “look how much bigger my life is than yours!” mentality I think it’s easy to get exhausted and want to one-up everyone we meet. We all want to be a celebrity, we all want a reality show, and we all want to drive fancy cars.

I blame the Kardashians.

So often I find my life complicated: with work, with trying to please everyone in my life, with trying to get my ass to the gym, with trying to answer every single email I possibly can in 24 hours. It's rush, rush, rush. And then I sit in traffic and I get mad….at everything. I am a go-getting, totally busy, career woman and I ain’t got no time for traffic! I am usually stressed out. I usually run myself in to the ground.

And I get exhausted. And then I hate everything. And I go into a hole and I don’t want to hang out with anyone except my dog.

So sometimes, I need to sit down, and like Samantha, enjoy the simple things in life. She reminds me that I need to slow down. She reminds me of the simple things in life that I love:

I believe in getting lost in Barnes and Noble for hours with a cup of coffee and my cell phone on silent.

I believe in wearing my pajamas all day and staying in by a fire on a Saturday night.

I believe in collecting multiple coffee mugs only so I can use more than one during the day.

I believe in going to the beach at night, even when it’s cold. (I live in Atlanta now so I don’t get to do this as often as I like.)

I believe in letting my emails sit in my inbox for a little bit so I can have a long conversation with a dear friend.

I believe in watching Christmas movies on Lifetime even though they are SO ridiculously corny that I can’t handle it sometimes.

When I stop, when I relax, when I recharge and take time for myself I find that life makes more sense. I am more grateful, more welcoming, more in tune with my life and those in it. It’s ok to put down the Blackberry and have a glass of wine. It’s ok to spend a weekend on the couch with a good book. It’s ok to say no to plans on a Saturday night.  Life is crazy, it’s busy, and it’s full of things to do. But without a little “you” time, what good are you to the world?

I know Samantha is going to soon-be traveling as I write this, so I hope when she gets home she enjoys some “her” time on her couch, with her man. And if she isn’t, I will probably be doing it for her, because I’m tired, yo!

Somehow I don’t think she will find it difficult to do this. 


  1. Theres nothing I love as much as some good old fashioned ME time. Even being married, sometimes I just need to kick my hubby to the sports bar with his buddy and lay in my bed eating snacks in my pjs.

  2. I also believe in watching the cheesy Lifetime Christmas movies & staying in pjs in bed with my dog all day! Thanks for helping me remember to appreciate the little things, xo!


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