Monday, November 4, 2013

"Anniversary" Weekend Recap

We had a fabulous weekend celebrating our anniversary. We technically were married 3 years on this past September 24th but planned to celebrate last weekend with a special weekend away. We got back last night at about 8:30, unpacked what we needed to in order to get through Monday, and survived today with practically nothing for food. Seriously. We had about 4 ounces of leftover steak, half a carton of juice, and some chips and salsa in our fridge. So after work tonight, Parker went to the grocery store so that we could actually eat some well-balanced meals tomorrow; but he called me on his way home because he was pulled over on the side of the highway with a flat tire. Ok, I totally get why flat tires are bad and you can ruin your entire rim or something like that but, to be honest, I didn't completely understand why he didn't just drive the remaining 1.5 miles home while being super careful. Rather than even suggest this to him in the midst of our unpleasant phone call and risk what argument that comment could turn into, I hopped in my car to drive the 1.5 miles to pick him up and save the day - mostly I wanted the groceries and Papa Murphy's pizza that he was in possession of but that doesn't really matter.

Well, upon arriving on the scene, I understood the reason for him not driving home super carefully - his left rear tire was literally flat as a pancake. Flatter even - it was like as flat as a Pringle. Not good. After explaining what happened to the State Trooper that pulled over on the side of the highway, getting home, and scrambling inside with "the goods", we frantically threw the Papa Murphy's pizza in the oven because he still needed to be at his first hockey practice of the season in just over an hour (he's coaching). Long story short, the remainder of the evening consisted of the fire alarm going off, the dishwasher running on it's own, and me getting a cramp in my hamstring while trying to reach the tub of Clorox wipes I dropped behind the washing machine. Isn't it amazing how you can be high off a fabulous weekend full of good food and wine one minute, and the next thing you know, that isn't-life-wonderful bubble pops, you fall off cloud nine, and the high wears off? Man, what if it was always the weekend? I'd probably be fat, tipsy, and poor but it sure would be fun.

Anywho....... our weekend started Thursday night when we drove half the distance to our destination. During our Thursday night drive is when I realized that the vlog (thee vlog: my first-ever vlog) that I recorded ahead of time to have ready for Friday, was on my computer at home. In the words of Michelle Tanner: bummer dude. (If you want to watch it that bad, you can watch it on YouTube here. But I'm just going to be upfront and say you could probably spend 6 minutes and 40 seconds doing much better things.) Friday morning we stopped for the essentials (coffee + scones) and drove the rest of the way to St. Paul. We had a great lunch, yummy burgers + drinks at a sports bar downtown for pre-game, and went to the Minnesota Wild hockey game that night. 

We slept in a bit Saturday morning. Now that we're old & boring adults we don't really sleep in that much compared to our college days, but I think the excitement of the Wild winning with 4 minutes left just completely did us in. Or maybe it was all the beer and late-night nachos. Either way. We had a late breakfast at a cool diner in uptown where my plate of food was about the size of my laptop. Then we spent the afternoon walking around the mall for a bit and downtown St. Paul. It was in the 50s, the sun was shining, and the leaves were so picturesque down by the river. We had a special dinner at a nice restaurant Saturday night where we had a yummy app, a bottle of wine, delicious meals, and we drank our dessert; we walked back to our hotel room and fell asleep watching an Adam Sandler movie. It. was. perfect.

After visiting with family quick Sunday morning before leaving, the 8.5 hour road-trip home was obviously not ideal but it sure was worth it for such a beautiful weekend. It's so fun to "get away" somewhere where you don't have other distractions, worries, or places to be.

Like I said, I think it was pretty fabulous :)


  1. Thank goodness you had that good weekend before the horrible day you had. Your pictures are beautiful!! Looks like you had a great time. My husband and I in fact had a getaway night this past weekend - I won tickets to one of our local casinos for comedy on the coast with a buffet, so we did that. It was fun and enjoyable to get away even just for a night. But hoping for a long jaunt in February!

  2. I can't change a flat tire either! Looks like you guys had a GREAT weekend getaway!

  3. Ahh that's my home!! I am so jealous of you guys and those amazing views you had by the river. I go back on Thursday for a wedding and can't wait to see it all again :)

    It looks like you had a great anniversary weekend you will remember for ever! Congratulations on 3 years!

  4. I definitely don't know how to change a flat tire. womp womp. But your weekend looked fabulous anyway, and that's one mother-of-a box of Mike and Ike's!! Those photos of the fall foliage are so pretty too, I wish it looked like that here in AZ =(


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