Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend | All we wanted was a 6-pack of Pumpkin Beer

This weekend Parker and I met my brother and his fiancee (Alyssa) at her family's farm. {Read about it here - They all hunt; I just went for the moral support I think.} Well Saturday was an icky, rainy, gloomy day so while the boys were out duck hunting us girls watched TV, talked, prepped dinner, and ate until about 2:45 pm when we decided maybe we should finally get outside and go for a walk or something. 

The boys were still out hunting when the NDSU game was getting started and we decided we really wanted some pumpkin beer. Since we were on a farm in small-town ND we called the nearest bar to see if they sell off-sale. "Of course!" the lady on the other end of the phone says (I later find out her name is Tracy. And she likes to talk about her "honey" and getting married at 16.) So I ask specifically if they have an pumpkin or autumn-y beer. And let me just say, I felt like a stupid, city girl asking that in the first place. Since she tells me they have Leinenkugel's we decide to venture out of the house and make the 6-mile drive to Smokey's. We really wanted some pumpkin beer. So Alyssa's aunt told us, "It's on Main street, you can't miss it, it's a little hole in the wall place." Well, that's exactly what it was. A hole in a freaking wall. Welcome to small-town ND, people.

She had two kinds of Leiny's, Oktoberfest (which we had tried before and loved) and Hoppin Helle's which we had never tried before. So Tracy gave us a sample. Yup, that's my sample, half-gone actually - she poured each of us half a beer. 20 minutes later when we were just getting ready to leave, the guy sitting next to us Todd orders himself another Busch Light "and a drink for the pretty ladies". Okaaay, thanks Todd. He also gave me 5 bucks to "play something country" on the jukebox. 

Over the next 40 minutes Todd tried to buy us 2 more drinks, which we turned down because I still needed to get us home safely. Tracy told us her life story, and the bar owner (Tim?) took us to the men's bathroom to show us the pin-up poster that he had to screw to the wall so no one would steal it. I can't share a photo of that because I like to think that my blog is somewhat family-friendly. After all this, we left about an hour after showing up to buy a 6-pack, with a little buzz and 2 free drink tokens for next time (ha!). 

And on our way out Tracy says, "See what happens when you smile?" And that, my friends, is why you have to be careful when you smile at the local cowboys. And I only call him a cowboy because he was wearing a cowboy hat and even called himself a cowboy. If the shoes fits...

Lesson learned.
And truly what a great way to kick-start Saturday night. 

Now because I spent my Sunday evening working on guest posts, online shopping, and prepping other sponsor stuff, all I leave you with today are some more pictures from the weekend. If you want some posts that are more substantial or inspire you to actually get up off your butt and do something you're going to have to come back tomorrow. 

It is what it is. Happy Monday, punkins!


  1. Good things happen from just a smile...haha!! That's awesome!

    I'm also slightly jealous of you all wrapped up in a blanket. I wore shorts and tee to the gym this morning and sweating because of the heat. I'm ready for fall!!!

  2. Stopping by from the weekend update! Looks like you had a pretty fun one! I am dying to try some pumpkin beer/ale! Have a great week! (:

  3. Love your beer buying story! You never know what will happen in a country bar! ;-) Stopping by your blog for the first time! Xo - Morgan @

  4. I love this story!! I'm in love with some pumpkin beer! And I love the "see what happens when you smile" line! Sounds like a great weekend!!


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