Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My favorite WORKOUT PLAYLIST yet

The itch is back. The workout itch. 
The energized feeling. The want to exercise. The fresh food cravings. The goals and motivation. 
Being healthy.

I wrote that one of my October goals is to be healthy again - the written goal was not to lose weight, or get skinny, or get a 6-pack of abs, but to have exercise become part of my normal, daily routine. Well a week into the month I finally got my butt in gear. We woke up at 4:40... AM, people! Did you know there are people driving at that time? And working at that time? And actually exercising at that time? Holy crap, I think I almost got my heart rate into the fat-burning zone just by getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom at that insane hour of the morning. But mornings work well for us and I love how it starts my day off right so, I guess ya win some ya lose some. Let me just say thank goodness I have my husband as my workout partner. I just do not think I could do it alone.

Now here's where the huge accomplishment comes in: I even went again today. At the end of the day. The people who know me know that I am not generally a person who enjoys working out at the end of and 8+ hour work day. But, P didn't want to go this morning and when I would normally use this as an excuse to have toast for breakfast, give in to an afternoon chocolate craving, and/or have dessert after dinner, I didn't. I stuck with healthy eating all day and at 5:00 pm when he got home from work I actually wanted to go to the gym with him. That's how I know it's back. The itch, I mean. I didn't force myself to go to the gym tonight - I wanted to. I wanted the sweat; the endorphins; and the mini-jam session that goes on between me and my iPod shuffle.
This is what brings me to the point of my post: my new playlist was a huge reason I wanted to go to the gym tonight. I love the new mix I made yesterday! Some I know you've heard before, but I'm sure there are some that you haven't. Some are popular right now, some remind me of my bachelorette party 3 years ago, and some bring me back to younger years. It's kind of long because I like to put my iPod on shuffle to keep me guessing so I'm just going to share my Top 20 with you. If you're interested in knowing more and adding some variety to your own playlist shoot me an e-mail and I'd be happy to share!

Playlist Title: MOVE 10.8.13
Adventure Final by Angels & Airways
Best I Ever Had by Gavin DeGraw
Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Clarity by Zedd
Counting Stars by OneRepublic
Guns For Hands by Twenty One Pilots
Hideaway by Passion Pit
Holy Grail by Jay Z (and JT!)
Kelsey by Metro Station
Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men
On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo
Roar by Katy Perry
Super Bass by Nicki Minaj
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
That's My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan
Timber by Pitbull (and Ke$ha!)
Wake Me Up by Avicii
Viva la Vida by Coldplay
We R Who We R by Ke$ha

I like to keep it different everyday so I generally make a big playlist, throw the Shuffle on shuffle at the gym, and rock it out. But, just in case I want to be able to pick + choose my tunes, I keep my playlist organized by Song Name - that way I know they're alphabetized and can find the one I want. I'm a freak like that.


  1. i LOVE playlist posts. I sweat I just want people to screen shot their iTunes accounts so I can see what they have lol

  2. pass that itch over here :) I'm so impressed you got up so early! and I don't know how much I'd have to pay my husband to wakt up that early to work out!

  3. Go you!! Getting up that early takes dedication but it's so nice being done so early!

  4. I LOVE seeing others' playlists!! So thanks for sharing!! Ugh, I need to get back into the workout groove but I just can't find motivation for it =( hopefully soon?! Fingers crossed! Haha

  5. Hey Samantha! I just saw your sponsor spotlight on To Be Mrs. Collier's blog and I loved reading what she had to say about you! I think we would have a good bit in common as far as the health & wellness, the 20-30 something blog talking about lifestyle, and more! Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself, I'm your newest follower and I'm excited about reading about your life from this point! :) Great playlist, BTW.

    Heather @ From Here to There

  6. Ashley is my girl, so I came here to see if you really know what you're talking about music wise. It's official you can make me a workout list anytime. But I will not promise you I will actually use it for working out anytime soon. So you won't be disappointed.


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