Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm sarcastic, so what?

My Preface: Okay, first of all, this is why I'm not a fashion blogger. Number 1: I love clothes but I have nowhere near the fashion sense of lots of fabulously-clothed ladies out there in blogland. Number 2: I don't plan ahead enough. I just tell my husband, in the spur of the moment when we're running late for a hockey game, "hey, take a picture on my iphone quick!" And number 3: I do not do my hair + makeup perfectly everyday to correlate with the clothes + accessories I'll be sporting. In fact, sometimes I don't even do my hair + makeup at all if I'm running late. I love clothes. And fashion. And accessories, big time. I'm just not a fashion blogger. And I'm okay with that :) 

Either way, it's finally the right time and weather for some of my favorite fall fashions - boots, sweaters, and scarves:

I'm a really sarcastic person, and the older I get the more I think that sarcasm comes out. Personally, I don't think I can help it because I come from a family that is very much like that, too; and it's an attitude that I find funny. Each and every person has their own sense of humor, right? Well, mine happens to be extremely dry and might come off as bitchy to someone who doesn't understand the sarcasm. Sometimes I feel like people completely don't get my sarcasm and when I might say something to be funny, people instead interpret it as negative, or snotty, or just plain mean. So I was explaining this to P the other night and he says, "Sam, sometimes even I don't understand your sarcasm." 

It made me realize that, although we definitely don't need to always worry about what other people think, we need to be conscientious of how our words (or actions) might be interpreted by other people. Although I'm certainly not trying to sound like a complain-y little biotch, I need to be aware that people outside of my circle of close loved ones might not completely understand who I am, where I'm coming from, or the joke that I'm trying to make. In which case, I should probably be careful about the words I say or the attitude I have when I'm around other people. I don't know; this is hard for me because I also think it's important to be yourself and not change who you are just to please others. What are your thoughts on this?

So I guess keep this in mind when you're visiting my bloggy blog, too. I might sound like a Negative Nancy with a stick up her hoo-hah, but I'm probably just making a joke :)


  1. I completey get you on this one. I am the exact same way! I am sarcastic 99% of the time. I guess for my I do my best to make sure people know where I am coming from. My closest friends and family usualy get it. And when someone doesn't I definitly try to explain! So glad I am not the only one who has to go there:)

  2. I used to use sarcasm way too much. I had to tone it down a lot, but it's definitely a part of me, and when use right, I think it's funny. Even if people don't get my sarcasm, I still do it. I think I'm funny, I make myself laugh, and that's all that really matters in my books.

  3. You look darling girl :-) I think you stated this perfect - don't worry about what people think, but be conscientious of others feelings. You are a good person!

  4. Haha! Love this, I can be very sarcastic and I think it can come off the wrong way sometimes too.

  5. Haha. Yup. Sometimes, my husband thinks I am mad, but I am really just being sarcastic.

    As for the pics, love the outfit!

  6. Love the boots. I get where you're coming from. Many people say, I too, am way to sarcastic...for their measures. It's not SO much tuning it down for others or worry necessarily 100% what they think. It is more of having a different version of yourself for different people. Would you talk to your parents the same way you'd talk to your co-workers, friends, clergy (if you go that route), or a neighbor? I think we each have several shades of our personalities that should shine through at different times in our life. What do you think? -Lena (

  7. First off....this outfit is PERFECT. I love the sweater, the boots, the pop of color in the earrings...I mean, just great. Please do more outfit posts.

    I've been having a lot of thoughts about sarcasm lately...and my thoughts have changed about it the older I get. We'll have to talk more about it through email or something!!


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